Why Should I Choose A Private GP?

Private GP services have been popular for many years now as they offer patients the opportunity to receive medical treatments and advice without facing huge waiting times. As public services have to cooperate with certain restrictions, it can often impact on the quality of treatment you will receive.

For those who are unaware of what they will receive as a result of private GP services, we’re answering some of the most commonly asked questions in this blog.

What Are The Benefits Of A Private GP?

Of course, one of the key benefits and reasons that patients choose private GP services is the ability to avoid long wait times commonly encountered through public services. We can even offer consultations on the same day as booking, so you can have any issues checked quickly and enjoy peace of mind.

You’re also able to choose the length of time for your appointment, so you can have a quick check up or a thorough appointment should you need it. Giving you this option ensures you can benefit from quality time with a general practitioner.

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How Are Private GP Appointments Carried Out?

As you have the option to select the length of your appointment, we offer time slots of 20 minutes to an hour, during which time we’ll discuss and properly address any health concerns. These appointments can be carried out in person or, if you would prefer, via a video call or telephone call. To ensure you’re seen quickly, we’ll be able to offer you a next or same-day appointment.

When you book a private GP appointment with Evolve Medical, you’ll be treated by one of our qualified Doctors.

How Do Prescriptions Work With A Private GP?

Receiving prescriptions from your private GP is done in a secure and easy manner, as we’ll send it directly to your email. Once you’ve received the prescription, you’ll be able to take it to your pharmacy. The costs may vary depending on the medication, however, you should have no issues with receiving the prescription itself.

How Much Do Private GP Services Cost?

To make booking your private GP appointment easier, here’s a full breakdown of our prices:

  • In-Person Consultation – 20m – £65
  • In-Person Consultation – 30m – £85
  • In-Person Consultation – 45m – £150
  • In-Person Consultation – 1h – £195
  • Video / Telephone Consultation – 15m – £45
  • Follow-Up Consultation – 10m – £20
  • Repeat Prescription Requests After The Initial Consultation – £20
  • Referral Letter – £20
  • Sick Notes – £15
  • Menopause Consultations – £195
  • NHS GP Letter – £10
  • Blood Tests – Variable

To learn more about private GP services at Evolve Medical, you can contact us or book your consultation directly through our website.