What Is Stress Awareness Month?

Stress is something that can affect all of us at some point during our lives and can be a result of numerous different factors. One of these factors is anxiety, which is the official theme for Stress Awareness Month this year, as set by the Mental Health Foundation.

Stress doesn’t only affect our mental health, but our physical health too, even causing damage to our skin. This is because stress can have a huge impact on the hormones in your body and how they work. In this blog, we’re looking at the damaging effect stress can have on our skin and how to prevent it. 

How Does Stress Affect Your Skin?

There is a direct connection between your mind and your skin, which means that any emotions you feel can have an impact on your skin. Stress in particular can cause a dramatic response from your skin as it triggers your nervous system to release stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. This can make your skin oily and more sensitive, which can lead to breakouts and make it more difficult for existing skin conditions to heal. 

Everyday skin stressors

Stress on your skin can be caused by many other factors as well as mental stress and emotion. In fact, there are things you will encounter everyday that can act as stressors to your skin. Without even realising it, your daily habits could be causing damage to your skin, even if you’re not actually feeling stressed.

Blue light is something you’ll likely encounter every day, and it can actually damage your skin. Blue light, which is emitted by laptops and smartphones, can cause your cells to change, shrink and even die as a result of exposure. Another stressor which can be difficult to avoid exposure to is air pollution which can inflame your skin and accelerate ageing. 

How Can You Prevent Stress From Damaging Your Skin?

As there are many different factors which can cause damage to our skin, it’s important that we take steps to reduce it as much as possible. This means looking after your skin, especially when faced with other external stress factors such as UV. Soaking up the sun’s rays is important for your health but too much can damage your skin. Always make sure to lather up with SPF 50 to prevent UV from becoming harmful to your skin. 

One of the easiest ways to take control of protecting our skin is by breaking down our daily routine and focusing on key areas, such as what we eat and how much exercise we get.


Having a healthy and balanced diet is important not just for our skin but our overall health too. Foods which are rich in vitamin C, citrus fruit and vegetables are all great for your skin, along with oily fish. Green veg also contains a lot of antioxidants which can help with skin hydration. Each of these food types contains compounds which help your skin stay healthy and repair itself.

Just as it’s important to choose what you eat, it’s important to choose what you don’t eat too. This means avoiding eating too many foods which are high in sugar and fats as they can actually break down the collagen in your skin, affecting its elasticity and accelerating visible signs of ageing. Other habits of consumption such as smoking and alcohol can also negatively impact your skin, so it’s important to cut down if not stop completely. 

Active lifestyle

Alongside your diet you can also make active changes to your lifestyle to help improve your overall health. Taking part in any form of exercise on a daily basis promotes good oxygen flow and lymphatic drainage which contribute to healthy skin.

This is important throughout all stages of your life. However, as you begin to age, your skin can change more quickly, which means you should have an even stronger focus on staying healthy to look your best. In addition to this, maintaining a good skincare routine is equally as important, making sure that you moisturise and exfoliate regularly. 

Stress Support From Evolve Medical

You should always remember that a healthy mind equals a healthy body and skin. Physical and emotional stress both affect our skin, so all forms of self-care are important. If your skin suffers as a result of stress and other factors, we can offer support. From advanced aesthetic treatments to Private GP services, we can offer help in many ways to help you achieve healthier skin. Book your consultation today or get in touch with a member of our team to begin your journey with us.