What Is A Facelift?

Facelifts can treat some of the physical signs of ageing. They are a surgical treatment designed to effectively tighten the face and help restore a youthful look whilst ensuring that any incisions are made in discreet places. This treatment is said to be the most comprehensive rejuvenation procedure for addressing multiple signs of ageing on your lower face, jawline, and neck.

With a facelift procedure, you can enjoy brilliant results that can bring back the youthful appearance to your face. In this blog, we’re going to look at what a facelift involves and how it could benefit you.

The Facelift Treatment

A facelift is a surgical procedure in which small incisions are made to lift and tighten the skin. Typically, the full facelift procedure focuses on the bottom half of the face, treating sagging around the jowl and full neck area.

The procedure involves making incisions that start around the temples, run down in front of your ear, underneath your earlobe and end behind the ear. If the jawline is also being lifted, this will also include cuts underneath the chin. Once these incisions have been made, any excess skin will be removed. The remaining skin is then pulled tighter and stitched into position to result in a smoother, lifted look.

Finally, the face is bandaged up to aid the healing process and reduce initial swelling following the procedure. It’s normal to feel some discomfort after the procedure, so you’ll be provided with pain relief to help ease this. 

The Mini/Midi Facelift

This procedure focuses primarily on the bottom third of the face and upper neck area. Although very similar in practice, the mini facelift is less invasive and is designed to leave discreet scarring. At Evolve Medical, we offer this in the form of the Midi Facelift, which is a modified version of the full facelift procedure. The procedure is completed using local anaesthetic, which means less downtime afterwards.

What Are The Benefits Of A Facelift?

One of the key benefits of a facelift is that you’re able to reduce the visible signs of ageing in your face. As you age, collagen production in your body slows which causes your skin to sag, and by having a facelift you’re able to reduce sagging by tightening the skin.

This procedure can address many effects of ageing, such as wrinkles, creases, double chin and issues with excess fat. While it isn’t possible to turn back the clock on ageing, a facelift might be your answer to achieving a more youthful appearance and keeping those natural-looking contours on your face. 

Is There Any Aftercare Required?

Recovery after the procedure typically takes between two and four weeks, and it is likely that you will see some bruising during this time. To aid your recovery you should avoid any strenuous activity. We also recommend you avoid getting the bandages wet whilst you recover for the first two days.

After the first week, you’ll be able to have your stitches removed, if dissolvable stitches haven’t been used. After a month, the bruising should subside alongside any redness in the face. Although initial healing can happen relatively quickly, it can take up to six months to see the full results of the facelift.

Are There Any Side Effects Of A Facelift?

It’s natural that after a facelift procedure you’ll have some side effects as a result. The healing process will begin almost immediately but it’s not unusual to experience some discomfort during this period. During your consultation prior to surgery, any risks and side effects will be thoroughly discussed with you.

The most common side effects include:

  • Numbness
  • Puffiness 
  • Stiffness 
  • Bruising 
  • Scarring 
  • Raised hairline

Facelifts At Evolve Medical

The facelift treatment offered by Evolve Medical will be carried out in Leeds following a consultation and treatment preparation. To learn more about the treatment and the steps involved, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you’re confident that a facelift is right for you and would like to get started straight away, you can book your facelift consultation today.