What are skin tags?


What are skin tags?

Skin tags are very common, around two thirds of men and women will have at least one skin tag somewhere on their body before they reach the age of 65.

Skin tags are harmless and don’t usually cause any pain or discomfort.  G.P.’s will not even consider removing them unless they snag on clothing or jewellery and bleed, and even then you would usually have to go privately to have them removed and pay for the treatment.

This is because skin tag removal is considered to be cosmetic, which is rarely available on the NHS.

How are Skin Tags caused?

Skin Tags are generally caused by friction or by the skin being rubbed against itself or clothing.

They tend to form in skin folds, such as neck area, armpits, under breasts and in the groin area.  They can also form on the eyelids or under buttock folds.

How do they look?

Skin Tags are made of loose collagen fibres and blood vessels surrounded by skin.  They are flesh coloured and have a stalk, resembling a mushroom.

How do we remove them?

We have the very latest Cryogen therapy treatment which is quick, safe, painless and straightforward. We simply apply a quick burst of Cryogen to the base of the skin tag, which cuts off the blood supply. Over the period of two weeks, the tag will get smaller and eventually fall off.

Most skin tags respond to the first treatment, others may need one more session just to finish them off. We can treat several tags during a session. There’s no downtime or aftercare involved but you can apply a small plaster if they catch on your clothes.

We usually book a review appointment 2 weeks after treatment to check everything has healed well and retreat any stubborn tags.

Cryogen therapy is £50 per session….So don’t delay people, get your skin smooth and ready for summer!