Split ear lobe repair

The main reason there is a need for split earlobe repair surgery is due to a piercing being pulled and tearing the earlobe.

Earlobes can also be torn due to trauma from sports and everyday life.

Split Ear Lobe Repair FAQs

What is Split Ear lobe repair?

Split earlobe repair is a surgical procedure carried out in our Minor Operations Suite (MOPS) at Evolve Medical

The procedure involves the removal of the damaged skin around the torn earlobe before reattaching both sides.

How long is the procedure?

The length of time to repair one split earlobe is roughly around 30 minutes.

What happens on the day of procedure?

On the day of the procedure, your surgeon will assess you again prior to the procedure. Once the procedure has been completed you are able to recover in a private room if needed. A review appointment will be made 1-2 weeks later with one of our Nurses to assess the healing and to remove your sutures

Split ear lobe repairFrom £1108
Finance AvailableSubject to status

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