Scar Revision Treatment

If you have scarring that might have been caused by burns, injury, surgery, acne or chickenpox, you may be self-conscious about your appearance and your confidence may be affected as a result. There are a number of methods you might have already tried to reduce the appearance of scars – such as steroid injections, silicone gels/sheets and other non-surgical techniques such as fillers or IPL.

Scar treatments do not guarantee complete removal of the scar but aim to make it less obvious. They can also help to reduce tightness caused by the scar tissue. The colour and type of your skin, your age and the type of scarring influence how much improvement you can expect.

This is a day case procedure and performed under local anaesthetic, so the area being treated will be completely numb. It is performed by a cosmetic surgeon, specialising in dermatology and scar revision.



Scar revision is a day case procedure and you can leave hospital as soon as you’re able to be discharged.Pani

Pain Relief?

We will give you pain relief medication after the operation and when we discharge you.

Recovery time?

When we discharge you we’ll talk to you about whether your stitches and dressings need to be removed and we’ll make you an appointment to see your consultant again.

You should rest at home for a couple of days before returning to work.

You should also avoid activities that might put tension or pressure on the area that has been operated on.

Don’t expose yourself to the sun for several months after treatment and use sunblock or a bandage to stop it from permanently tanning the healing surgical scar

End Result?

After treatment, it can take 12 to 24 months for the full improvements to be visible. However, it is possible that you will still be able to see the revised scar.

Price List

Scar RevisionWill varyFrom £1400

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