Private GP Services – For Businesses

Your employee’s health and well-being should be a top priority. Avoid unnecessarily waiting for a doctor’s appointment by giving them access to private GP consultations. Faster access to diagnosis and treatment is likely to improve absenteeism within the workplace, helping to improve employee well-being, morale, productivity and staff retention rates.  

Evolve Medical is here to give quick and easy access to thorough medical investigation with appointments available within the same day and next day period Monday to Saturday. Registered with the CQC, we offer full peace of mind when booking with us that you’ll receive the highest standard of care.

Meet The GP Consultant 

When a patient joins us for your private GP appointment, they will be taken care of by a qualified Doctor. Formerly working as a partner, educator and mentor within the NHS system for over 25 years she has experience in all aspects of health care from babies to the elderly and has special interests in women’s health and sexual health, respiratory medicine, musculoskeletal medicine and disease prevention. Formerly with the NHS and now a private GP.

How Much Is A Private GP Consultation? 

Here at Evolve Medical we offer private GP consultations both in person and via video or telephone call in order to offer convenience for everyone. We take the time to carefully discuss health conditions and concerns during our appointments, offering same or next day appointments in order to ensure concerns are dealt with in a timely manner.

Benefits Of Offering Private Health Care For Your Workforce

The reality of the NHS care system is that in recent years it has come under significant strain, with those awaiting diagnosis or treatment  waiting significantly longer compared to previous years. This results in employees potentially taking a longer period of time away from work whilst they await an appointment. The sooner your staff has access to the medical advice and treatment they need to begin their journey to recovery, the sooner they will feel able to return to work.

With private GP appointments you will be able to offer your staff quick and reliable medical care to ensure they make a speedy recovery. We are also able to provide longer appointment times should they need to discuss multiple medical concerns or require an in-depth confidential discussion with a medical professional. 

Private GP Consultation FAQs

Find out more about our Private GP appointments for businesses with our frequently asked questions.

Are there any discounts for multiple employees?

We are keen and happy to offer appointment  packages for multiple employees, please contact the clinic for more details. Businesses will be invoiced directly from Evolve Medical.

How do employees book for private GP appointments at Evolve Medical?

Your employees would simply need to book directly with the clinic quoting the company details at the time of booking.

Do you offer same day appointments?

We aim to offer your employees appointments within the same day or next day period, meaning waiting times to speak to a doctor are significantly less than through an NHS service. Our clinic is open from Monday – Saturday.

Will private GP consultations help me to treat a medical emergency?

If there is a medical emergency, your employees should always call 999.

Do you make referrals?

Should further treatment be needed, a referral letter will be offered at the price of £20 or an NHS GP letter at the cost of £10.

How are prescriptions processed?

Prescriptions (if required) will be sent by secure email which the patient then takes to their own pharmacy. Any prescriptions are payable direct to patients’ chosen pharmacy and cost will vary.

We can link up to the NHS GP database, meaning we have access to full medical history and are able to offer repeat prescriptions should they be required.

What happens if additional investigation is required?

Some tests such as blood tests, swabs and urine tests  can be arranged to be done at the Evolve Medical clinic, these are chargeable and the indication for performing these tests and the cost would be advised prior to the tests being undertaken at the appointment. We have worked hard to source these tests very competitively through a reputable provider and the results are usually returned to the clinic within 48 hrs. For any further investigation a referral will be arranged.

Price List

In-Person Consultation20m£65
In-Person Consultation30m£85
In-Person Consultation45m£150
In-Person Consultation1h£195
Video / Telephone Consultation15m£45
Follow-Up Consultation10m£20
Repeat Prescription£20
Referral Letter£20
NHS GP Letter£10

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