Polynucleotide Treatment


Polynucleotide is a new treatment using science and nature to regenerate skin from within.

Polynucleotides are highly-purified DNA molecules extracted from fish. The ones used in PLINEST are known as PN-HPT. We inject these into the skin, and they reach the cells called fibroblasts. These cells are responsible for the formation of connective tissue through their ability to produce collagen, which helps maintain skin’s firm structure.

As we age, collagen production declines, which is why our skin gets saggy and more wrinkled. Polynucleotides stimulate the fibroblasts to produce more collagen, leading to firmer, smoother skin.


Are Polynucleotides right for me?

Polynucleotides are especially good for the under eye area. This is an area on the face that has always been a challenge in treating. They are also good at stimulation of your own collagen, making them the new generation in Aesthetic treatments. They can be used along side you usual Dermal Filler and anti-wrinkle treatments (Botox). As we progress in the world of Aesthetics bio-stimulators will begin to be used to promote more natural anti-aging.

What happens at my appointment?

After your consultation with our medical team you can proceed with treatment. Numbing cream will be applied to increase your comfort during the treatment. Polynucleotides are injected very superficially into the skin.

How many sessions will I need?

It is likely you will need 3 sessions 3 weeks apart with maintenance sessions around 6 months later. The medical team will ensure you are aware of the best treatment plan for you.

Planning for post- procedure

It is likely that you will have some small bruises and mild to moderate swelling after your treatment. You will have some small lumps under the skin that often settle within 24 hours.

Risks and side effects.

Polynucleotides is a very safe treatment however with all injectable treatments there are possible risks. At your consultation at Evolve all this will be discussed.



Allergic reaction


Nerve damage


3 sessions Eye area£500
3 sessions Face (not inc eye)£600
3 sessions Face and Eye area£800