Pinnaplasty is a popular surgical treatment to directly address and correct any issues with the shape and size of the ears. Abnormal ear shape and size is something that can affect people from birth, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it for the rest of your life.

Issues which are easily visible can affect a person’s confidence and self-image. At Evolve Medical we aim to provide treatments that can help people feel better about themselves and feel more confident as a result.

What Does The Treatment Involve?

As the name suggests, pinnaplasty mainly refers to the pinning back of the ears. This is done by making a small incision behind the ear, allowing for repositioning, which is then stitched up once the ear is in the required position. 

The procedure can be carried out under local anaesthetic and often takes between one and two hours. Once the surgery is complete, after a short wait in the recovery room, the patient is discharged.

Who The Treatment Is Suitable For?

Those who choose to have this procedure are often unhappy with the angle between the ears and the side of the head as it can look exaggerated, making them stick out. This is mainly either due to the antithetical fold not being developed or due to a deep conchal bowl. Typically, anyone whose ears have fully developed will be able to have the surgery, should they want it.

How To Prepare For The Treatment

During your consultation, which takes place before you have the procedure, you will be told what you’ll need to do in order to prepare for the treatment. 

You’ll be advised to try and get a good night’s sleep although we understand this is not always possible due to anticipation, however, this won’t affect the outcome of the surgery. You’ll be able to eat and drink as normal, due to the procedure using local aneasthetic.

Treatment Aftercare

You will need to wear a head bandage for the first week following surgery and continue to protect your ears during the night for around 6 weeks. You will be able to return to light work after 1 – 2 weeks and should refrain from exercising until the wounds are fully healed (2-3 weeks).

It’s recommended that you wait between six and eight weeks before engaging in sexual activity or carrying out labour-intensive work. You’ll also need to make sure that you keep the area dry when taking a shower or bath but make sure to keep the area clean. 

If you wish to sunbathe, it’s beneficial to keep the scars covered or protected when doing so. Initially, this won’t be an issue as you’ll be required to wear a head bandage for the first week. 

You’ll be required to attend a post-op appointment one week afterwards and then as frequently as requested to ensure the surgery has been a success and the recovery process is progressing as planned. 

Common Side Effects

As a result of the incision being made into your ear, you’ll be left with a small scar behind each ear, however, this will be less visible as time passes. 

Initially, you may experience some soreness and discomfort as a result of the surgery. As you begin to heal you may also experience a tingling sensation and some numbness in the addressed area. Light bruising around the ears may also occur within the first few weeks. 


To help you better understand the treatment, we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding pinnaplasty. 

What’s the difference between pinnaplasty and otoplasty?

In terms of the treatment itself, there is no difference between the two. Both names refer to the same treatment of ‘ear pinning’, however any confusion you have over the treatment will be addressed by one of our team during the consultation appointment.

Is pinnaplasty painful?

As you’ll be administered with a local anaesthetic before the procedure, you won’t experience any pain during the treatment. It is possible, though, that you may experience some discomfort afterwards as the wounds on your ears begin to heal, which is completely normal. 

Can I lose my hearing from a pinnaplasty procedure?

No, your hearing won’t be affected as a direct result of a pinnaplasty procedure. As the ears are simply being pinned as a part of this treatment, no parts of the ear which are related to hearing will be disturbed.

Results from Pinnaplasty

 Price List

Bilateral1-2 hoursFrom £3100
Unilateralapprox 1 hourFrom £2100
Consultation30 mins£150
FinanceAvailableSubject to status

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