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    Mini Face Lift

    A mini/midi Face lift is performed under local anaesthetic here at Evolve Medical, that means you will be awake during the Procedure and the area will be numbed using anesthesia.

    Professor Mahajan and the team of nurses here at Evolve will look after you from consultation through to post-operation care following your mini/midi face lift. You will be firstly seen for consultation by Professor Mahajan where all your questions will be answered and you suitability and expectations will be discussed.

    The procedure itself takes around 2/3 hours. You will be made to feel very comfortable and will have a nurse with you at all times. Professor Mahajan will make an incision around the front of the ear and the back of the ear. Excess Skin will be removed which and then the open area sutured together to create a tighter jawline and reducing jowling. The neck area is also improved too. Professor Mahajan has developed his own techniques and places the scars hidden around the ear area. He uses the SMAS technique which he worked on in Stockholme, the aim of the technique is to work in a plane within the skin that is safe avoiding the nerves and arteries. It also ensures that the results are more natural and steer away from a severe wind swept look. The ‘AM Lift’ is often combined with upper eye lift surgery and chin liposuction to achieve a full face rejuvenation.  


    Is the Procedure Painful


    Will I need time off?

    What are the Risks?

    How will the scars look?

    Is the treatment for me ?

    Is the Procedure Painful

    Local anaesthetic is injected into the area once this has taken effect the procedure is relatively pain free

    You may experience some discomfort following the procedure and may need to take pain relief medication


    You will be in some degree of discomfort for some time following the procedure

    You may be swollen for up to 14 days

    You may have bruising

    The full settling period can be up to 6 weeks

    Will I need time off?

    You will need to rest for the first few days

    Refrain from heavy lifting and exercise for up to 4 weeks

    You may prefer to stay at home for at least the first week or two for the bruising and swelling to settle

    What are the Risks?

    With every surgical procedure there are risks of

    Bruising, swelling

    infections, haematomas

    Expectations not been met

    Your Surgeon and Nurses will discuss all complications and risks at your consultation

    How will the scars look?

    The scarring will be placed around the ear area. They will take some time to heal. Most scars improve over 6/12 months

    Is the treatment for me ?

    The AM lift will improve your Jawline, jowls and heavy nasal labial folds. Your suitability will be assessed

    Results from Mini Face Lift

    Use the slider to see the amazing before and after results from Mini Face Lift

    Price List

    Mini Face lift2-3 hours£2980

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