Menopause Consultation

Our menopause consultations are designed to give you the support and treatment you may need to help you manage symptoms of the perimenopause and menopause.

As part of your initial one-hour menopause consultation, your doctor will get to know you, gaining a full understanding of your symptoms and concerns. Following this, you will then receive advice on the correct management plans or treatment options for you. This can range from suggested lifestyle changes, hormonal replacement therapy or non-hormonal treatments, depending on your individual needs.



One hour consultation, including a prescription, follow up telephone call (2-3 weeks later) and letter to your GP.

Blood tests

Blood tests may be required for a correct diagnosis. These will be tailored to you as an individual and quoted fully at your consultation.

Prescriptions & repeat prescriptions

Your one-hour initial consultation will include the cost of any prescription needed. Subsequent prescriptions, if needed, will be charged at £12 each. Please remember all prescriptions are private prescriptions and will have a dispensing fee from the chemist too. Our doctors may be happy to contact your NHS GP and request that they write a prescription but please be aware that they have the right to decline this.

Testosterone Treatment

Testosterone treatment can be really helpful for women who are having symptoms of testosterone deficiency in the perimenopause or menopause. Unfortunately, testosterone replacement therapy is not available for women on the NHS and as such needs careful monitoring with blood tests and regular review of symptoms. Prices are available on request.

Price List

Consultation1 hour£195
Blood tests£40 to £400
Prescriptions & repeat prescriptionsFrom £12
Testosterone TreatmentPOA

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