Medical Tattooing

Medical tattooing is one of the treatments we offer at Evolve Medical, encompassing three different procedures. These procedures include MCA Scar Removal, areola tattooing and scalp micropigmentation.

MCA SCAR Rejuvenation

If you’re unfamiliar with medical tattooing, you may not know that there is a treatment called Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation that could significantly improve the appearance and feel of scars, stretch marks and burns.

Scarring can be caused by a number of factors, whether that be from an accident, surgery or stretch marks due to childbirth or weight gain/loss and it may be something you are self-conscious about. For some, learning that there is treatment available to improve the appearance of scarring can be life-changing.

What Does The Treatment Involve?

MCA Scar Removal is a dry needling treatment, which means there is no pigment used. So, while the machine is indeed a specialist medical tattoo machine, this is by no means a traditional tattoo treatment. We promise you won’t be left with any ink in your skin whatsoever!

The treatment involves the use of a specialist needle that enters the surface layers of the skin, just enough to cause a minor controlled trauma to the scarred area. This minor trauma stimulates the blood flow and lymphatic fluid to the area, which kick-starts the body’s natural healing process. 

The dry needling technique causes tiny punctures, which create channels that trigger the body to produce collagen, melanin and elastin, therefore promoting further healing. This is all done with a numbing cream so you should experience little to no pain.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Typically, a course of treatment is a course of four treatments to be carried out 4-6 weeks apart. This treatment really is fantastic for anyone that would like to improve the appearance and feel of a scar, burns and stretch marks. While there is no guarantee as to the exact results, most patients will notice an improvement after just one treatment. 

The cost is £150 per hour. The price is an hourly rate due to some scaring being larger and therefore taking more time.

Areola Tattooing

3-D Nipple Tattooing and Areola Repigmentation is an advanced, unique and highly skilled tattooing technique used to reshape, re-colour or reform the nipple. 3-D nipple (areola) tattoos are flat to the touch but have an appearance that makes them look three-dimensional, even at close distance. They can conceal scarring caused by mastectomies and give symmetry to the areola.

This is a service that helps many breast cancer patients and survivors rebuild their breasts/areolas after they have undergone a single or double mastectomy. We understand that this can be an emotionally sensitive process, so we’ll ensure that our team are always on hand to make you feel comfortable every step of the way.

Why Choose Areola Tattooing?

3-D Nipple Tattooing is a cheaper alternative to reconstruction surgery, which is performed by a plastic surgeon. In fact, many plastic surgeons recommend 3-D nipple tattoos because they can look more natural than the surgery procedure. For best results, combine both nipple reconstruction surgery and 3-D nipple tattooing.

Once complete, the tattooed area will be dressed to protect the skin and it can take around ten days for the area to fully heal. For a few weeks after the treatment, you should avoid baths, swimming pools and sunlight exposure as this can hinder the healing process.

2 sessions are needed, both sessions are covered in the price, which starts from £450 per breast.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation creates the look of real hair follicles. This procedure provides great results for men and women who are balding, have a receding hairline, or pattern baldness. This technique can give you a younger-looking appearance by creating thicker-looking hair. 

This type of treatment is ideal for those who are thinning or don’t have a full head of hair, to give that freshly shaved look with no skin showing.

The treatment can also be used to camouflage scars in the hair and cover alopecia. It’s an affordable solution for hair loss, to give you that confidence back, and it gives instant results unlike other hair loss solutions.

The treatment works by using a needle to lightly tattoo the skin, using an ink which resembles the colour of hair. As the tattoo builds up, it can create the appearance of additional hair, adding depth.

The ink used for Scalp Micropigmentation is different to that used for traditional tattoos so it won’t fade in the same way. Often tattoos should last for around four years before they’ll need to be touched up.  

Is Aftercare Required?

Aftercare of tattooing must be followed for best results:

  • No sweating or swimming for up to two weeks
  • No washing of head for 3 days
  • No sun on the area for 2 weeks
  • Certain shampoos can not be used as this could fade or pull out the colour of the tattoo

Full Head £2500. This is split into 4 at £625 per session. Approx 4 sessions are needed to complete. Additional sessions are £625 if needed.

Half Head (crown and front) £1250. This is split into 3 sessions £416 per session. Sometimes more than 3 sessions are needed so additional sessions are £416.

Quarter Head (eg side patches). £630. Split into 2 sessions £315 per session. If additional sessions are needed it will be £315.

Every head is different so prices are to be confirmed at consultation. Consultation is free of charge.

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