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    Male Cosmetic Treatments

    Male grooming and aesthetic treatments are one of the fastest-growing sectors within the cosmetic industry at the moment. With celebrities like David Beckham leading the way, this trend isn’t going away any time soon.

    Dermal fillers and Laser hair removal are on the rise. Here at Evolve Medical, we specialise in premium male anti-ageing and skin procedures.

    At Evolve Medial we offer a discreet service in which appointments for treatments can be booked when the clinic is closed at a premium. Treatments can also be booked on the day for a premium.

    The features of a male face that are considered to be attractive are different to those of a female, a man’s eyebrows should be low and flat opposed to women’s eyebrows which are arched.  Anti-wrinkle injections can make you look more feminine and unnatural when administered by an inexperienced Practioner, our Nurse Director Rachel Green has 10 years’ experience in the aesthetics industry, so you’re always in safe hands.


    Which are the most popular treatments for men?

    How can i book an appointment?

    Which are the most popular treatments for men?

    Anti Wrinkle injections – Many men with client-facing jobs are now choosing to have injections to help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, this is to help subtly improve their looks and appear younger, fresher and less stressed out. Popular treatment areas for men include the eyes forehead and mouth.

    Dermal fillers – Similar to Anti Wrinkle injections, this helps create a younger fresher look. Fillers help to pad out the face in areas that as we age can lose elasticity in the skin.  Fillers can help lift and contour the face.

    Laser Hair Removal – Laser hair removal treatments, remove hair and prevent it from growing back at the normal rate. Laser hair removal can also be an effective treatment against shaving rashes and ingrown hairs.

    How can i book an appointment?

    You can book online via our website for a discreet service


    Results from Male Cosmetic Treatments

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