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    Lip Filler

    Here at the Evolve Medical Leeds, Bradford and other areas of West Yorkshire we offer Lip Filler treatments.  Following your thorough consultation with our Medical practitioner we can provide lip filler treatment.

    Lip filler can be used to plump lips, give definition, and also help to reduce smokers lines.

    After your consultation if you wish to proceed with your treatment we will apply a lidocaine cream to numb your lips. Your lips will be carefully injected with a non permanent hyaluronic acid gel, there is a possibility of some bruising and swelling post procedure. A two week review will be offered to ensure you are happy with your treatment.

    Following a thorough medical consultation your practitioner will apply a local anesthetic cream to your lips.

    This will then be left to take effect. The procedure will take approx 30 minutes. The lip filler will be injected into your lips. The desired look will be discussed during your consultation. This may vary from a subtle natural look to a more fuller plumper look.

    Results from Lip Filler

    Use the slider to see the amazing before and after results from Lip Filler

    Price List

    Juvederm Smile (0.55ml)180
    Juvederm Ultra 3 (1ml)200
    Juvederm Volbella (1ml)250
    Juverderm Volift Retouch (0.5ml)200
    Juvederm Volift (1ml)230

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