Hydrafacial For The Back

Our Hydrafacial for the back targets back acne, blackheads, papules and congested skin. The Hydrafacial for the back treatment, also known as a ‘back facial’, administers botanical ingredients and antioxidants to targeted areas of the skin. The ingredients of these ‘super serums’ include nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, horse chestnut seed extract, red algae extract, copper, zinc and magnesium peptides.

Using this method, dead skin cells and toxins can be removed from the skin, rehydrating your back in the process. Your skin will be left completely nourished, sufficiently hydrated and with a healthy glow.

What Conditions Will A Hydrafacial For The Back Solve? 

Our Hydrafacial back treatment is suitable for people of all ages as it’s effective on all skin types. If you suffer from congested skin on your back, a Hydrafacial will help detox your skin and promote collagen production, leading to healthier-looking skin in time for a holiday, swimming trip or spa day. Some of the issues a back facial will treat includes:

  • Blackheads
  • Acne
  • Oily skin
  • Dead skin cells
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Tension across the skin

What To Expect From Your Hydrafacial For The Back Treatment

Our Hydrafacial treatment for the back is a calming and relaxing experience as your skin is massaged with patented vortex technology. To explain how the treatment works and the effect it has on your skin, a Hydrafacial for the back can be outlined in six simple steps.

Step 1 – Purify

Removing toxins from the skin is the first step, using a specially formulated lymphatic drainage technique which also helps increase blood circulation around the targeted area. 

Step 2 – Deep-Cleansing

Any dead skin cells that are contributing to the congestion in your skin are gently lifted. This step of the process also helps with removing impurities, resulting in deeply-cleansed skin. 

Step 3 – Glow up

By loosening debris that has become blocked in your pores, this debris can be easily removed which leaves your skin looking brighter. This step is achieved using a gentle glycolic and salicylic solution.

Step 4 – Impurities Removal

Using honey extract and salicylic acid, blackheads, impurities and other areas of congestion are extracted from the skin.

Step 5 – Rehydration

Once all toxins and impurities have been removed, the skin is rehydrated and replenished using a combination of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides.

Step 6 – Regenerate

To encourage collagen growth, LED light is used to conclude the treatment, reducing redness and leaving your skin glowing.

What Are The Signs Of ‘Bacne’?

Back acne can be extremely irritating and not only makes life uncomfortable but it can damage your self-confidence if you feel self-conscious about spots or blemishes on your back. There are some key signs to look out for that may indicate that you require acne treatmentSigns of ‘bacne’ include:

  • Cysts & bumps – formed below the skin and protruding above the surface
  • Blackheads – pores blocked with oils and dead skin
  • Whiteheads – spots filled with pus
  • Red bumps – beneath the surface of the skin with no ‘head’, the redness happens as a result of irritation. 
  • Papules – raised bumps on the skin caused by dead skin cells blocking pores

If you’re suffering from discomfort or worried about the appearance of your back and have identified any of the above issues, it’s likely you have a form of back acne. Not limited to the face, acne can form on the back regardless of age or skin type. With our back Hydrafacial treatment, we’re able to target these symptoms and help improve the quality of your skin.

Getting ready to Evolve your skin

As a Hydrafacial involves the deep cleansing of your skin, it’s important to properly prepare for the treatment being carried out on your back by following our top tips on protecting your skin.

Preparing for your Hydrafacial for the back treatment

  • Ensuring that your skin is clean before having a back Hydrafacial treatment will make sure that no excessive debris interferes with the treatment or impacts its effectiveness. 
  • Don’t use any moisturiser or skin treatment creams before arriving at the clinic. In order for the antioxidants and other solutions applied to your skin to be effective, it’s important that your skin is free from skincare cosmetics.
  • Avoiding prolonged sun exposure will prevent any damage to the skin that could affect the treatment or cause discomfort during the process. As the skin is deeply exfoliated during the Hydrafacial for your back, any sun damage to the skin can cause pain when toxins and other dirt is removed from your pores.
  • Don’t irritate your skin by scrubbing or applying acne treatment. It’s important to look after your skin in the lead-up to your back Hydrafacial as the treatment will deeply extract any oils and dead skin, taking care of the issue. 
  • If you think that preparation is necessary, a warm and steamy shower will help relax the skin and open up the pores on your back.

Hydrafacial for the back aftercare

Although there is no recommended ‘downtime’ after a back Hydrafacial, it’s important to give your skin time to properly heal, which can take up to 10 days in some cases. If you have a holiday or other event planned, it’s best to receive a back Hydrafacial at least a week before to give your skin time to settle. 

We recommend avoiding chemical solutions such as exfoliation treatments and swimming pools (chlorine). Once the treatment has concluded your skin will be delicate, so you should avoid any exposure to irritants. If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to chat to our team for some advice.  Similarly, avoiding direct sunlight is important as your skin will be particularly susceptible to UV rays in the 48 hours following treatment. 

Sun damage can cause your skin to dry out, which could lead to a range of other issues occurring. By leaving your skin to heal without subjecting it to additional cosmetics or exfoliating treatments, you’re allowing the solutions and ingredients applied to your skin to work their magic.

Common Hydrafacial For ‘Bacne’ Side Effects

Once the treatment has been completed, it is common for the skin to look slightly red and flushed but this will reduce within a few hours. This redness may result in increased skin sensitivity, however, this shouldn’t persist and is only a passing side effect. As the treatment is non-penetrative and designed to rejuvenate the skin, there are no other side effects and should you properly look after your skin post-treatment, you shouldn’t face any symptoms.

How Many Hydrafacials For The Back Do You Need?

Due to the deep-cleansing nature of the treatment and the excellent level of exfoliation it achieves, you will notice a difference after one treatment. However, if you want to enjoy long-lasting results and keep your skin healthy as you age, we’d recommend receiving a Hydrafacial for your back every four weeks.

How Much Will A Back Hydrafacial Cost?

At Evolve Medical, we offer Hydrafacial back treatment at the following cost:

 Half back / neck to mid back – £115 (~60 min)

Half back Course of 6 £620

 Full back / neck, shoulders, down to the waist –  £155 (~90 min). 

Full back Course of 6 £875

Depending on the areas of acne and congestion, you may opt to have just half of your back treated. However, with the full back treatment, you can enjoy the benefits of a full Hydrafacial across your entire back. 

Hydrafacial For Back Spots FAQs 

Can you get a Hydrafacial on your back?

Although the name suggests that the treatment is specifically carried out on the face, Hydrafacials can be used on other parts of the body including the back. Following the same process, a back Hydrafacial typically uses a larger applicator to cover a larger area more efficiently.

What does a Hydrafacial for the back treat?

A back Hydrafacial treats back acne, blackheads and other congestion of the skin. It does this by exfoliating dead skin and oils that have blocked your pores and applying a hydrating solution to leave the skin fully cleansed and rehydrated, helping reduce spots, cysts and papules.

How long do the results of a Hydrafacial treatment last?

The effects of a back Hydrafacial will typically last up to a week. As your skin naturally produces oils and dead skin can easily clog your pores, it is recommended to have a Hydrafacial for your back every month to continually enjoy healthier skin.

Are back spot breakouts after a Hydrafacial normal?

It is common to have a breakout of spots a few days after a back Hydrafacial. This is due to the deep cleansing nature of the treatment, as the skin reacts to the removal of natural oils. After a couple of days, your skin will settle and the breakout will subside.

To learn more about our Hydrafacial for the back treatment, or to book yours today, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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