Early Cancer Screening Blood Tests: Detection and Prevention

Cancer is a common disease that will affect 1 in 3 of us in our lives. While treatment options have advanced significantly, the key to successful treatment of cancer lies in its early detection. 

The development of early cancer screening blood tests has brought about a new era of preventative medicine, offering the chance to identify potential early cancers before they become symptomatic.

Discover more about our early cancer screening blood tests that are now available exclusively at Evolve Medical.

The Importance of Early Cancer Screening Blood Tests

Traditionally, a cancer diagnosis has often depended on identifying worrying symptoms or the Doctor identifying worrying signs upon examination or through tests. Sadly this can take time meaning cancers often present at an advanced stage, making treatment difficult, lengthy and sadly for some, ineffective.
Early cancer screening blood tests enable the detection of certain cancer markers in the bloodstream long before symptoms become noticeable.

What Can Blood Tests Determine?

At Evolve Medical, our TruCheck early cancer screening blood tests can detect up to 50 different types of cancer before any symptoms develop. 

These innovative tests  identify the presence of the following:

  • Tumours
  • Genetic mutations
  • Circulating tumour cells (CTCs)
  • Cell-free DNA (cfDNA)

Benefits of Early Detection

These benefits include:

Improved Treatment Options: Detecting cancer in its early stages opens doors to a wider array of treatment options that are generally less aggressive, quicker and less distressing for those affected.

Enhanced Survival Rates: Studies have shown that cancers detected at an early stage are associated with significantly higher survival rates compared to those detected later.

Peace of Mind: Regular screening provides peace of mind, knowing that you are actively monitoring your health and taking steps to catch things sooner.

Book Your Cancer Screening Blood Test With Evolve Medical Today

The potential of early cancer screening blood tests is really promising but relies on individuals being proactive.  Book your Evolve Medical screening today to take the first crucial step towards peace of mind.


What Does an Early Cancer Screening Appointment Entail?

Before undergoing your blood test, our Evolve Medical practitioners will have a 30-minute in-depth consultation with you. This will cover any concerns and family history of cancer. You will also be provided with a thorough explanation of what the blood test can detect and what the next steps are dependent on your results.

Once the consultation is over, your practitioner will proceed with the blood test.

Who is Eligible For the Test?

At Evolve Medical we offer an advanced TruCheck early cancer screening blood test which is suitable for those aged 40 and above who are asymptomatic. 

How Long Do Results Take?

Once you’ve undergone your early cancer detection blood test, results typically take between 2-3 weeks to arrive. 

If you receive a positive test result, we will offer you the support you need and can quickly put you in touch with private oncologists or we can liaise with your NHS GP who can fast-track you to the relevant NHS services.

If you would like more information, please book a call with a qualified doctor who can answer any questions you have.

Price List

Full GP Consultation & Blood Test: £1,495.00

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