Chin implant

Being unhappy with any part of our face, including a weak or receding chin, can affect our confidence and self-esteem. An implant aims to add shape and fullness to a receding chin or provide balance and proportion to the overall shape of your face. This is a relatively straight-forward treatment that can help boost your self-confidence.


The procedure?

Receding chins are built out by inserting an implant over the chin bone. The implant is usually inserted through an incision made inside your mouth between your lower lip and gum. This technique means there will be no visible scarring. Sometimes the implant may be inserted through a cut in the natural crease of your chin. Your surgeon will then fit the implant to achieve your desired look.

After this they will repair the cut in your mouth by using dissolvable stitches, depending on where the incision has been made. Fine sutures may also be used. The specialist team will then apply a dressing to support the chin implant while your face heals. This will also reduce the risk of infection as you recover at home.

The material used for the implant is usually silicone or another manufactured material that is generally well tolerated by the body. Sometimes it is necessary to use a bone graft, usually taken from the hip. If a bone graft is used there will be some scarring in the area the graft is taken from. Your cosmetic surgeon will discuss this with you prior to your operation.

Pain Relief?

Your mouth is likely to be sore and you may have some bruising around your chin and neck. We’ll give you pain relief both while you’re with us and for use at home. You’ll probably need pain relief for about a week or so. It can take up to six weeks for all of the swellings to go down.

How long does the procedure take?

Chin implant surgery is a relatively simple procedure that usually takes around 45-60 minutes and you’ll probably go home on the same day


There will be some restrictions on your normal activities at first. You should book time off work, ideally returning after your follow-up appointment a week after your operation. You may need to avoid more strenuous activity for a few weeks.

For a few days, your food should largely be soft fluids drunk through a straw to make your mouth more comfortable. Avoid hot, spicy food for a week and use anti-bacterial mouth washes regularly.

End Result?

As there will be some swelling after surgery, it can be up to three months before you begin to see the end results of your chin implant surgery.

Price List

Chin ImplantFrom £3080
Finance available subject to status

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