The impact of Dermal Fillers and the Covid 19 Vaccine

There have been a small amount of reports surrounding the effect of the Covid 19 vaccines and the response In patients with Dermal Fillers. Although the current research into this is very limited and there have been very few cases of concern Evolve Medical are aware of this and are looking at ways to limit the incidents and offer support to patients who maybe concerned.

An article published by Martyn King part of the ACE Group has looked at the impact and as a result Evolve Medical will look to minimize as much as possible any reactions following your Vaccination.

There are currently only a few reported incidents of Delayed Onset Reaction or Delayed Onset Nodule formation reported post vaccine, however this could increase as many clinics have ceased administering Dermal Filler during the lockdown phase.

As a patient at Evolve Medical you will be asked as part of the consultation or ongoing review to discuss your vaccine history or plans of when your vaccine may take place. We will also give you the information you require of what to look out for following your vaccine.  Currently the main concerns founded are redness and swelling which in general only lasts a couple of days and resolves without intervention, we would encourage patients to contact the clinic if they are concerned.. this is included in your aftercare package and you will be offered a prompt appointment if required.

As the research is very limited at this stage we would advise leaving two weeks between getting the vaccine and having a dermal filler treatment. We would also advise if you have had Dermal Filler and are then offered the vaccine to book it for fourteen days after. The important factor is that the Vaccine is your priority at this time.

In clinic we will be adapting our protocols and consent process to discuss the impact of the vaccine and our treatments we offer.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any concerns.

We look forward to seeing you soon

Evolve Medical