We review Heliocare Gelcream Light: Make sure you’re protected this Bank Holiday

We celebrate the last summer months by taking a look at one of our best selling products this year. We are of course talking about Heliocare Gelcream Light.

But what makes this wondercream so fabulous? Here we take a look at why it’s so popular amongst not only our clients, but also the Evolve Medical UK girls!

Why is Heliocare essential for your daily beauty regime?

Heliocare is a pioneering brand amongst sun protection products. Many of us are guilty of skipping applying that mid-day layer of sun protection whilst bronzing on the beach abroad, as well as neglecting to apply SPF protect moisturiser in our day to day routine. As mentioned in our last blog, sun damage can cause premature ageing, which nobody wants. Luckily there are excellent anti ageing treatments available such as anti-wrinkle injections, CACI treatments and chemical skin peels to name a few.

However, you want to try and prevent any signs of ageing before they happen, this is why Heliocare Gelcream Light is a fantastic investment for your skin and your youth. So why is Heliocare Gelcream Light so unique? The brand Heliocare are dedicated to providing sun protection for all skin types. We have all experienced the struggle of protecting your skin from the sun, whilst still wanting to look your best.

Heliocare won’t leave your skin oily like other SPF moisturisers!

Often moisturisers which include SPF can be gloopy and leave your skin feeling oily. Firstly this can cause spots and acne, especially if you already have oily skin and might be prone to breakouts. Secondly, it is difficult to apply make up to skin that you have just moisturised with an SPF and can often your foundation will not look as you want it to. When you think about it, it’s no surprise most of us do neglect this essential part of our daily beauty regime, and it is our skin which will suffer in the long run.

So how can Heliocare Gelcream Light help us? HGL is suitable for all skin types due to the lightweight formula, also meaning fast absorption, making it ideal to save time in your morning routine. If you have sensitive or intolerant skin, don’t fear, the gentle mineral formula will not irritate your skin as it is free from harsh chemicals. Dermatologists have recommended this particular product for anyone with oily skin that is concerned about their moisturiser causing break outs. This allows protection from harmful UV rays for every skin type, allowing you to enjoy the sun care free or just protect yourself from hidden rays on a day to day basis, and prevent premature ageing over a long period of time.

Perfect base for your make up, or even replace it!

Not only is HGL suitable for all skin types, but it also acts as a base for make up and can even be used as a replacement for make up. How can one product be such a miracle worker you might as? HGL not only provides optimum photo ageing protection, but it also helps mask uneven areas of the skin and conceals blemishes. HGL has a skin-tone enhancer, which gives a bronzed look as well as masking imperfections.

Start protecting your skin from long term sun damage today

With all of these benefits it’s easy to see why Heliocare Gelcream Light is one of our best sellers here at Evolve Medical UK. Not only is it perfect for the summer months, but an everyday essential all year round. Take advantage of a product which will not only protect you from the everyday damage our skin faces without us realising, ageing us over time, but also hides though pesky blemishes!

Are you exposing your skin to UV rays on a daily basis? Is it time you invested into an everyday SPF moisturiser? Is it time to give your skin the love and attention it deserves? We would love to hear your thoughts!

Lot of love,

Evolve Medical ~ Love the skin you’re in

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