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Neoretin Discrom Control Serum Booster Fluid


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Neoretin Discrom Control Serum Booster Fluid is a targeted pigment lightener and is now available at  Evolve Medical and Online Shop

Neoretin Fluid Booster Serum is a concentrated, fast absorbing fluid with an exclusive combination of anti-spot and anti-ageing technologies.

It is formulated with the novel RetinSphere Technology, with major exfoliant and rejuvenating activity. Booster Whitening System also contains a potent depigmenting system with six powerful ingredients which intervene in all stages of the production of melanin. Applied every night helps achieve a remarkable control of cutaneous depigmentation.

Benefits of Neoretin Discrom Control Serum Booster Fluid:

  • Supports epidermal exfoliation and renewal.
  • Acne and wrinkles are smoothed and the skin becomes smooth and bright.
  • Prevents the formation of melanin. The spots are reduced and skin tone becomes more even.


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