Plasma IQ – Read All About It!

Have you heard about our brand new treatment? The Plasma IQ Device is great for so many things. Here is a little client inspired piece to give you an insight into what’s involved.


After an open evening at Evolve Medical in Farsley, where Rachel, an aesthetic practitioner was demonstrating the Plasma IQ treatment I decided to take the plunge and book in for a consultation for a nonsurgical upper eyelid lift to try and reduce the saggy skin on my eyelids without surgery.

At the consultation Rachel explained that the treatment works by heating the skin with a plasma current, which causes controlled skin damage and creates tightening of the tissues.

A healing response is then triggered which causes new collagen formation in the area being treated, therefore tightening the skin and helping to improve fine lines and wrinkles and stretchmarks.

It offers a non-surgical way of tightening eyelids which is what I desperately need sorting out.

She explained that I would need to have numbing cream on before treatment for 30-45 minutes to make sure the treatment was painless.  Then the treatment itself is multiple shots of plasma close together in a grid like fashion. She said there will be a feeling of heat but this will subside within half an hour.

After treatment I may feel tender, have some swelling and some discomfort but this will not last.

There will be little red dots that will crust or scab and will be there for about a week.  It is important not to pick or scratch these as there is a risk of infection or scarring.

She explained that usually more than 1 treatment is recommended to obtain the best results and should be carried out at least 6 weekly intervals.  3 sessions are generally needed to replicate the effects of a surgical procedure.

She examined my eyelid area and we decided that I would start my treatment after my holidays.

Plasma IQ

 The Treatment.

So now I’m back from holidays and have had my first treatment. It was far less uncomfortable than I had thought it would be.  The next morning I looked as though someone had drawn little red pin pricks over my eyelids in a square pattern.  It was a little red and swollen but nothing too dramatic, I was back at work within the week.


I am now waiting to see how much my lids will lift and have already seen a difference it is amazing.

I’ve  already booked my second treatment in 8 weeks time.

Brilliant treatment that I would recommend without hesitation.

Thanks to Rachel and all the team at Evolve Medical.