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1:1 Pilates suitable for beginners, a 45 minute session bespoke to you. 

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise aimed at improving strength, flexibility and balance aimed at improving your core muscles and control. Pilates improves general fitness and wellbeing and is excellent for those with troublesome backs. Doing exercise for the first time or getting back to exercise can be daunting these 1:1 bespoke sessions enable you to have the peace of mind to gain confidence in exercising in a private environment. Your sessions will primarily take place on a mat and will be completely bespoke to any medical condition or injury you may have. You will need an assessment before beginning your sessions to ensure they are absolutely right for you.

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Price List

Pilates Assessment

30 minute taster session ( 1 session per client)

1:1 Pilates Session ( 45 mins)

5 x Pilates sessions