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PCA Peel

We are offering 6% pure retinol peel which is suitable for normal skin types. It provides rapid and dramatic rejuvenation of the skin. The peel provides additional antioxidants in the formula so the skin is further protected from free radical damage. For this peel, you'd need to have a quick consultation with Dr Bejma first as this is a prescription only treatment. The amount of peeling will depend on the condition of skin being treated and usually lasts between 4-5 days. This can be easily managed by applying moisturiser. It is a totally pain free peel, with minimal redness or discomfort even while peeling.
  • suitable for all skin types
  • treats conditions such as acne scarring, acne, aging skin, pigment disorders and photodamaged skin.
Amazing results are achieved from just 1 treatment however another peel may be needed for more complex issues. For all before and afters, click here.
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