November’s Product of the Month

The Lounge’s Product of the Month is OBAGI.

What is Obagi?

With over 30 years of clinically proven results, Obagi Medical Products are the Number 1 physician dispensed skin care range in the world.

Obagi Medical has been specifically formulated to transform the skin from within. These products result in younger, healthier looking skin. The Obagi Medical Product range helps reduce the visible signs of ageing such as fine-lines, wrinkles, melasma (dark spots), hyper-pigmentation, laxity and uneven texture.

Over the years, your skin has been exposed to a number of environmental stress’. This causes damage that can reach the deepest layers of your skin. Photo-damage, caused by the sun’s harmful rays, is the main cause of the fine lines, wrinkles and age spots that you may already see or you will eventually see on your face.

As your skin ages and is exposed to UVA and UVB rays, the turnover of skin cells slows significantly. This throws off the balance between the growth of healthy new cells and the sloughing of old, damaged cells. Additionally, collagen and elastin begin to break down, causing the skin to lose resilience resulting in fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. Daily exposure to UV light then accelerates this ageing process and may cause uneven colouring.

Here at the Lounge we are proud stockists of Obagi Products.The most popular products with our clients are the Professional-C Serums.

What are Profession-C Serums? 

Obagi Professional-C Serums containing potent L-Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) are ideal for maintaining skin hydration. L-Ascorbic acid formulations provide powerful antioxidant benefits that complement any skin care routine.

Professional-C Serums with L-ascorbic acid provide every essential attribute of a superior Vitamin C product;

  • Immediately penetrates the skin for maximum effectiveness
  • Absorbed into and remains in the skin longer
  • Complements the anti-ageing efficacy of Obagi Nu-Derm® Systems
  • Lightens, brightens and softens any skin tone

This product is 10%, 15% & 20% concentrations work to lighten, brighten and soften skin.

  • 10%: gentle enough for dry, irritated, or sensitive skin.
  • 15%: suitable for most skin types.
  • 20%: best suited for normal to oily skin


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