Nouveau Lashes: LVL

Michelle Keegan is the new face of Nouveau Lashes and swears by the LVL treatment. The award- winning actress, and now the new Brand Ambassador has been a long-time devotee of the super-natural lash effect of LVL.This helps your natural lashes to have super length, volume and lift without any extensions at all. Check out the video below to hear what she has to say about it:  

“LVL has been a must-have part of my regime for years now. I love how it makes my natural lashes look longer and really voluminous, meaning whether on set, or even on makeup-free days off, my natural lashes are looking at their absolute best” – Michelle Keegan 

In as little as 45 minutes to an hour, you can say goodbye to mascara and hello to lash perfection which lasts up to 8 week without any maintenance. Our trained beauticians will transform your natural lashes where you’ll never want to live without LVL ever again. Read below what will happen at your appointment:  

What are LVL Lashes?   

LVL is an eyelash perm with a twist. What we mean by twist is that unlike your traditional perms that straighten further up the natural lash, LVL starts straightening from the very base of the lash line. It’s a treatment that provides a more dramatic effect on the eyelashes as the perm creates a longer and fuller lash appearance compared to other more traditional perms.
The overall idea of LVL Lashes is to enhance the natural eyelash through straightening, producing a dramatic look organically. By straightening the hair, you produce a more voluptuous and lengthy look that doesn’t need tending to.   

What are the benefits?   

LVL Lashes come with a range of benefits. Not only do they create a flawless lash effect you would normally need false lashes to create, but as mentioned before they save you time that you can spend on other areas of your beauty regime to really feel, and look, your best!
Some of the fantastic advantages include:  

  • Enjoying the benefits of mascara and false lashes with minimal effort and zero complications, such as infection of the eye or loss of your natural lashes that can be caused by lash extensions.  
  • Unlike some lash treatments the LVL perm causes no short or long term damage to your lashes. The formula has been carefully tested and designed to be gentle to your lashes.  
  • Not only is the treatment quick and instant but the effects last up to eight weeks!   

What will happen at my appointment?   

The procedure surrounding LVL Lashes is closed eye. This just means that our eyelash technician will work their magic on you as you close your eyes, so you can dream about how wonderful your eyelashes are about to look! The process usually takes between 40 and 60 minutes, although a test patch is required before treatment, which is pretty quick in contrast to the two hours it takes for a lash extension, particularly as it is less damaging to your lashes.
As well as receiving a high quality perm, LVL provides a lash tint too, so not only do you get gorgeously plump and long lashes but they are also tinted, to give the same effect as mascara. This means throughout the 8 weeks your LVL lash treatment will last, you don’t have to worry about buying or applying mascara! 

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