New Mum Blog


This is very relevant to us at Evolve Medical. Our lovely Rachel having recently given birth and our beauty therapist Stacey has recently announced that she is expecting too. Congratulations to both of our lovely ladies and their families!

new mum

To celebrate we thought we would do a blog relating to all things pre and post pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a time of huge hormonal changes which in itself can cause array of side effects. One of the first things you might notice is a pinkish glow to the skin. This is caused by increased blood flow. As nice as this healthy glow is at first, it can also lead to broken capillaries on the face and body. These look unsightly and can get worse if left untreated. We can treat them quickly and effectively with our Cynosure Medical grade laser. We heat the capillaries up causing them to collapse and disperse.

Another side effect of hormone imbalance is that we produce more melanin than usual. This can sometimes present as a nice subtle darkening of the skin. Common areas where it can appear much darker and cause patchy effect are under the arms, around the naval, and also on the face. When it appears on the face we call it the “Mask of Pregnancy”. It commonly effects the forehead and cheeks. It can cause considerable problems as its not always that easy to cover with makeup and get darker when the skin is exposed to UV. Over 50% of women suffer from this form of hyperpigmentation during pregnancy. The best way to minimise it is to use SPF 50 everyday. For most women the pigmentation will fade within 3 months of giving birth. For others it will need a bit of help to speed things up.


We usually recommend Obagi skin peels or the use of the Obagi Nu Derm system which you use at home for 15 weeks. It consists of all the products you need for your daily routine. It includes Hydroquinone which supresses melanin production, also Tretinoin which speeds up production skin cells and causes the skin to peel, fading dark patches and blemishes quickly and effectively.  

Another condition we can help with is adult acne. This can occur at any age but can also be triggered by pregnancy. We have a range of medical grade products which can help to control the condition as well as out Obagi peels which are great for drying up spots and fading blemishes.

Stretch Marks are another problem commonly associated with pregnancy. As they are very difficult to treat we advise that prevention is better than cure. A healthy diet with as much protein and lots of greens will help. Lots of exfoliation using glycolic acid products to help prevent the build up of dead skin and stimulate collagen production, followed by as much hydration as possible to keep the skin supple. We also advise that you drink Skinade everyday as it hydrates your body from the inside and kickstarts your body to produce collagen.

We also do massage which is hugely beneficial during pregnancy and a wonderful way to relax and have a bit of me time after.