My Volite Experience

My Volite Experience

I’ve recently visited Evolve Medical for my 6 weekly LVL lash treatment (I can’t live without my lashes now!). While I was there I’d picked up a leaflet about the new Volite treatment that they are doing. It improves the smoothness and increases hydration and elasticity in the skin.

My skin is pretty crepey and saggy so it sounded like a good treatment for me. I booked in with Rachel.

At my consultation Rachel explained that Volite is not a filler, it is a hyaluronic acid that works by being injected into the middle layers of the skin. It nourishes and plumps from the inside. It will help with my crepiness by plumping and hydrating my skin. The depressions in my skin will become evened out and my skin will look fresher. The treatment involves multiple small injections to obtain the best results. Results improve over a 3 week period. I took the plunge and booked it.

My Treatment.

My face was cleansed thoroughly and local anaesthetic cream applied. Photos of my skin were taken too.

Once the number had taken effect Rachel began the treatment. Lots of injections were put in but the procedure was surprisingly quick and pain free. She had warned me that I may get the odd bruise but I didn’t get any!

She took more photo’s and I booked a review appointment for 3 weeks to allow the Volite to have taken full effect.

One week after treatment I can already see results. My skin looks smoother and I am really excited to return for my follow up in another couple of weeks.

Thankyou Rachel!