Meet Rachel Farnell – Nursing Director of Evolve Medical Leeds

As Nursing Director of Evolve Medical UK, I love and live all things beauty and skincare. From cosmetics to skin treatments, I follow beauty regimes to a ‘T’ and constantly stay on top of industry developments. My role is to make others look and feel beautiful, so industry knowledge and insights on this from a legitimate source are essential.

When it comes to getting the latest beauty updates, I follow beauty and skincare professionals.

Beauty style and routines

When it comes to my own beauty style and routines, I take inspiration from celebrities, vloggers and make-up artists. I love how fun and creative they are, and following best beauty hacks and how to apply them. Take Kylie Jenner and her over-lip lining for example, it’s a brilliant hack for all those with thin lips and it’s so easy to learn this trick thanks to all the YouTubers and bloggers out there!

Favourite vloggers and bloggers

If I had to choose my favourite vloggers/bloggers of all time, they would have to be Sam and Nic Chapman of Pixiwoo. I watch them all the time as they are such amazing women who are great at tutorials and know how to manipulate make-up to create unique looks and styles.

Celebrity make-up and cosmetic inspiration

In terms of celebrity make up inspiration, I think Kim Kardashian has a stunning natural make-up look, and Cheryl Cole always looks perfect when she lets Karin Darnell (celebrity make-up artist) style her. But when it comes to cosmetic inspiration I’m all for the gorgeous Amy Childs. She’s got a great personality and really knows what cosmetic treatments suit her and her style. In fact, I think that the next time she chooses to have Botox or lip filler treatments she should come to our skin clinic!

Favourite cosmetic treatments

We offer an array of different services at Evolve Medical, from laser hair removal and LVL Lashes to HD Brows and CACI treatments. As well as administering the treatments, I’ve tried and tested them myself so I know exactly how they work. Most recently I’ve tried our Obagi skin peel, which left my face looking and feeling SO fresh, I’ve been telling everyone about it!

If I were to pick out my favourite treatment that we offer overall at Evolve Medical Farsley, I would probably have to say that anti-wrinkle injections is the winner. It’s our most popular anti-aging treatment and gives the most amazing and natural result. I’ve taken advantage of it many times but the real reason it’s my favourite is that I love to see the customers faces when they notice the huge reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. It’s a really special moment.

My must-have make-up items

I’m not just about cosmetic treatments and outside inspiration. I’m also about making my own style in this world through my make-up choices. For instance, you’ll always find an Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, MAC highlighter and Bare Minerals lip colour in my cosmetics bag as these are the products that I feel really define my beauty look. A daily beauty look that starts with a Skin Synergy System Aquafoam cleanse, followed by a medium covering of foundation, bronzer and highlighter and then a sweep of eye liner and mascara to finish it all off. The lip liner and colour doesn’t make its way onto my face until I leave for work as I try not to get lipstick rings all over everything!

My skincare essentials

It’s not just my make-up choices that I believe define me though, as my skincare selections are made with just as much passion and thought. This can be seen through my daily skincare regime that begins with Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse before using my Aestheticare Skin Synergy cleanser, Cellpro eye cream and moisturiser and Heliocare F50 sun cream. This is a routine I swear by and make sure I follow morning and night although I do switch the sun cream out for my favourite hydrating gel (SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5) in the evenings.

I hope that you enjoyed getting to know a little more about the brains behind the beauty counter at Evolve Medical. As you can see, I absolutely love having a career in cosmetics and helping others make the right choices for them.

But don’t nominate me for international beauty guru just yet, as I’m still the girl that spent a full night out with false lashes stuck to her nose!

Lots of love,

Rachel Farnell and Evolve Medical ~ Love the skin you’re in 

What three products are you more than likely to always have in your cosmetic bag, do you have a specific skincare or make-up routine and what is your celebrity beauty crush? We’d love to hear from you so get in touch and leave your comments below!

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