Make your eyes amazing for the summer


 We’re all about the eyes at Evolve Medical. We offer several treatments to firm, hydrate, enhance and frame the eyes. We can make your eyes amazing for the summer.

Maybe you’re wanting to prepare your eyes for the holiday season or make them pop for a night out…we have something to suit everyone.

We’ll start with the basics….

-REVITALASH Is a serum which dramatically increases the length and volume of your natural lashes. Used daily over a period of 2-4 weeks you will start to notice your lashes being transformed.

-LVL- Is another option which works well on its own or even better with Revitalash. This procedure is similar to old fashioned eyelash perming but offers a lift rather than a curl, which tends to make the eyelash appear shorter. This treatment also incorporates eyelash tinting which makes the eyelash appear thicker and longer. Add this to the lifting effect and your whole eye is opened up and defined beautifully.

It’s a great natural look for people who are going on holiday or to festivals and fab for those of us who like to wake up looking human everyday….ready to get up and go! However add a slick of mascara to create natural lashes which will rival most false lashes!

-HD BROWS are essential to finish off the well groomed, naturally defined eye. Beautiful brows frame not only the eye but the whole face. HD brows is a journey where we help you achieve the perfect brow for your face shape. We use a combination of tinting, waxing, plucking and threading. Finishing off with HD makeup to fill in any patchy areas. You can also use Revitalash to stimulate hairgrowth in any sparse areas.

For people concerned with lines around the eyes and dark circles, we do the Caci eyelift.  This is a course of treatments which stimulates the skin with microcurrents, this improves lymphatic drainage, helping with puffy eyes and dark circles.  It also tightens the tiny muscles around the eyes, lifting the brows and softening lines and wrinkles.


So as you can see we really do have the ability to transform your eyes into those of a goddess.  So don’t waste another day…………make your eyes get noticed this summer at Evolve Medical.