Lip Fillers: Q&A

It seems everyone from Hollywood A-Listers, Reality Z-Listers, blogger influencers and regular people are getting involved in the Lip Filler craze, craving a plumper and more voluminous lip. Natural enhancement can also be achieved with lip filler, it’s just usually not documented as much as the Kylie Jenner escapade. Here at Evolve Medical, we’ll do our best to meet your desired look.

What is Lip Augmentation?  

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure used to give you fuller, plumper lips. An injectable dermal filler is used for this. They are injected into the soft tissue of the lip to increase lip volume and size. Lip filler can be used to plump lips, give definition, and also help to reduce smokers lines.  

What products are used? 

There are lots of different fillers that may be used in the lips. The most common and safest fillers are products that contain Hyaluronic Acid – this is a natural substance that is found in the body. This is used to increase the volume in your lips. Here at Evolve Medical we favour the Juvederm range of products.

What will happen at my appointment? 

You will be asked to complete a thorough medical questionnaire and sign a consent form. A full medical consultation will be carried out and our highly experience nurse, Rachel, will discuss the treatment options which are best suited to you. We will apply a local anaesthetic cream to the lips prior to the procedure. Photographs are taken so the results can be compared at a review appointment. The area will be cleaned and the filler injected into the lips. Some discomfort may be felt during the procedure but this will pass quickly.

How will I look afterwards?  

Lips may appear slightly swollen following treatment, there may also be slight bruising in the area. This will settle over a few days.

How long do the fillers last? 

Lip fillers may last between 4 and 12 months depending on the product chosen.

How much will it cost?  

The price for lip filler starts from £180 to £250, depending on the product that is chosen and how much product is used.

A Clients Experience:

Rachel spoke through the procedure and it helped that I trusted her advice and her recommendation for what would suit my face. I never wanted huge lips, nor did I want them to look ‘fake’. Since the time Kylie Jenner marketed huge lip fillers as a trend, the fear has never gone that that’s how I would look but in that case it takes multiple ml’s of filler to achieve that and realistically 1 ml of Juvéderm is a fifth of a tea spoon
(as seen in the photo) which isn’t a lot of product that could drastically change my lips, but instead naturally enhancing them and making them voluminous.

Rachel spoke to me through the entire procedure and made me aware of when some injections would be more uncomfortable and when to take a deep breath. Like with most people my main concern was my top lip, and how it disappeared when I smiled. Rachel advise how she would put most of the product in my top lip to add more volume and definition round the outline, especially the cupids bow.

I loved the results instantly, but its very important to listen to the aftercare correctly. Its normal for your lips to feel a little lumpy and its even more important to avoid massaging them as this will make the swelling even worse. And like most things, I was unfortunate to get a bad case of swelling. Luckily this was by no means painful but just a little bit tender so you must take care.

You can also bruise but my advice would be trying not to panic too much and try not to touch them either. That way you’ll have minimal swelling or bruising and your recovery time will be a lot quicker. As you can see, within a few days the swelling subsides.

However, it does take 2 weeks for them to fully heal so be patient and trust the process. Obviously after any aesthetic treatment, especially your first, you’re bound to panic but its important to just stay calm and trust your Practitioner.