Lip Filler From a Client Perspective

Lip Filler.

We can tell you all about Lip Filler but this weeks blog is a little different. It has been written for us by one of our clients. The idea is to let you know the procedures involved. Hopefully if it is a treatment you are thinking of having this may put your mind at ease.

Client Blog.

As my sisters wedding was fast approaching I decided I wanted to look into smartening up my appearance. I especially wanted to improve the look of my lips. My top lip seemed to have disappeared over the years.

I was a little dubious but had friends that had been to Evolve Medical for lip filler. They highly recommended both Rachel and Fiona, the two Aesthetic Nurse Prescribers at the clinic. My friends had reported excellent results from both of the practitioners. I plucked up the courage and made the call to book a consultation. I had to pay a deposit to book as I hadn’t been before, this would be refunded if I didn’t book treatment.

On arrival at Evolve Medical I was warmly welcomed and asked to complete a medical questionnaire. I was given a lovely latte to drink, the atmosphere was very friendly and relaxed. I was introduced to Rachel who would be carrying out my treatment.

Once in the consulting room I explained what I didn’t like about my lips and what I hoped to achieve from the treatment. Rachel went through my medical form and discussed my medications, she carried out a thorough examination of my lips too.

She went on to explain to me the different lip fillers available and which one would be best suited to me. Between us we decided that Juvederm Volift would be the best product for me.

I opted to have treatment there and then. I was talked through the consent form, all the possible side effects of treatment were explained to me. Numbing cream was applied around the lips. I can honestly say that I did not feel the treatment being carried out. The procedure took less than 10 minutes. My lips were gently massaged to ensure the lip filler was evenly distributed and there were no lumps. Rachel explained all the aftercare to me and I was given a sheet to remind me of the points. Rachel reminded me that I may get some slight bruising or swelling. I didn’t get either and now, four weeks post procedure I am thrilled with my results.

Next week I will be attending my sisters wedding feeling much more confident and wearing a fabulous new lipstick!

I cannot thank Evolve Medical enough. Everything was great from start to finish I will recommend you to everyone xx