Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions.

Here’s the low down on our lash extensions. No test patch required, Just book in, look fabulous and leave!!

Each option is suitable for different occasions, or just as a little October treat!

Option 1

Strip Lashes.

These are as they sound. Strip lashes applied to you lid. Treatments costs £10. This is ideal for a big night out, Christmas party, wedding reception. The lashes can be reused so remember to save them!

Lash Fillers.

These are perhaps more commonly known as cluster lashes. Small clusters of lashes are carefully applied to give a more dramatic, fuller look. Treatment costs £20. These lashes last around 1 week. Great for nights out and party season!

Individual Lashes.

These give you amore natural and longer looking lash. Treatment costs £30. These will last around 2 weeks, great for everyday, beautiful lashes.


It’s so important to take care of your lashes and you should only use properly trained technicians. We start with a personalised consultation, this ensures you know what will be happen throughout your appointment. Appointment times range from 30 minutes up to 1 hour, depending on the option chosen.

Call to book on 01132576701 xx