Laser hair removal: “Summer bodies are made during winter”

You may have caught our blog at the beginning of summer to celebrate national bikini day and the miracle treatment that is laser hair removal. If you did but haven’t had chance to book your first session with us do not fear. Laser hair removal is not just for the summer months, book it is a year round treatment and provides a solution for unwanted hair across both the body and face, which will last you a lifetime… literally!

You may have seen memes across your favourite Instagram fitness pages with the quote “summer bodies are made during winter”. This isn’t just true for gym goers, it is also true in the beauty world! Laser hair removal can take around 6 sessions to completely eradicate unwanted hair forever, but can take less or more depending on your hair type and can be carried out any time of the year. Our highly trained technicians can advise you on how many sessions you will need in your consultation prior treatment.

If you still aren’t sure about laser hair removal then you have come to the right place. In this week’s blog we take a look at the fantastic benefits of laser hair removal and why both men and women across the world have converted after years of inconvenient traditional hair removal techniques, such as shaving or waxing.

1. Speedy

Laser hair removal is a speedy treatment in more ways than one. The actual treatment itself is quicker than you’d believe, each session starting from just 15 minutes dependent on the size of the area receiving the treatment. Once you’ve completed your recommended amount of sessions then that’s it forever! No need to worry when invited on a spontaneous night out about having to shave your legs, or if you book a last minute holiday having to fit in a bikini wax, or for men getting your back waxed, around your busy schedule before jetting off. Laser hair removal will save the chore of hair removal for life!

2. Cost effective

This life-long investment will save you an unbelievable amount of money. If you’re like us you’d never use a razor when removing hair, due to the many hygiene and health risks, not to mention the discomfort shaving causes as well as ingrown hair. Waxing can be pricey (not to mention painful) and is something you often need to upkeep once a month, and when you add all of those beautician appointments up its scary how much can be spent. However, once you’ve paid for the course of laser hair removal sessions you’ll never need to spend another penny on hair removal ever again!

3. Suitable for every skin and hair type

The uncomfortable pain that waxing causes can be intensified if you have dark or thick hair, however, laser hair removal is ideal for those with dark or thick hair as after each session people experience a noticeable reduction in hair growth as well as thickness. This is a result of the hair follicle being disabled as the pigment in the hair is targeted by the laser beam. The treatment is also suitable for every skin type. Often shaving and waxing can leave skin irritated, especially if it is already sensitive. Each client will receive a full inclusive medical consultation from one of our qualified technicians to assess your skin type and which one of our two laser treatments will be suitable for your skin. This ensures that the skin will receive no damage as a result of the treatment.

4. No need to grow hair in between treatments

You may be wondering if you have to grow your hair between each session. Unlike waxing, where you are required to grow hair, you are able to shave between each laser treatment if you wish to do so. This means you will not feel limited to getting your legs out or feeling uncomfortable in your bikini due to inconvenient hair growth throughout the treatment course. As mentioned before, you will experience a decrease in hair growth after each session and once the course is complete none at all!

5. Say goodbye to ingrown hair

Last but definitely not least is not having to worry about ingrown hairs. After sitting through a painful wax session or spending time getting every last leg hair removed with your razor, one of the most irritating, but inevitable, things is discovering ingrown hairs. Thankfully laser hair removal treatments is the best solution to not only preventing ingrown hairs but also removing them.

It is clear to see why once you discover laser hair removal and all of its wonderful benefits, waxing, shaving and other techniques of hair removal seem even less appealing than before. To start your journey to a smoother and hair free life all year round book your consultation and test patch today!

Are you fed up with the chore of hair removal? Are you ready for a hair free life? What is your favourite benefit of laser hair removal? We would love to hear your thoughts!

Lot of love,

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