The Kids Are Back At School!!

So the kids are back at school!! Time for me again!



So at last the school holidays are finally over and the kids are back to school.  Calm returns to my routine and I can finally find some time to treat myself.

First stop Evolve Medical Farsley for my desperately needed Botox. I must have scowled and frowned my way through the last 7 weeks as the wrinkles are back with a vengeance.  Got to get my nice smooth wrinkle free forehead back.

Think I had better have a skin scan to see what damage I have done to my skin with all the rushing around in the sun, I will probably scare myself silly with the results but it will make me look after myself again.

Next, I have decided to have the Facial Dermaplaning treatment. This will remove the surface layer of dead skin cells, dirt and also my fluffy facial hairs.  My friend had this treatment last week with a Hydrating mask. Her skin looked really great it was glowing and fresh so I have to try this one and definitely having the Hydrating mask afterwards to hydrate skin after the treatment.

Because Dermaplaning can make skin products more effective I will update my cleanser as well. I have been scraping the drops out of the bottom of the tube and I need a new one.

Once my skin is smooth and lovely I need to tackle my eyebrows. I’m ashamed to say I have not kept up to them – sorry Laura you did such a lovely job taming, shaping and tinting them. They are now straggly and very dishevelled.

Last but not least I am going to have lvl lashes.  I have not had these before so I had to pop in to the Lounge to have a test patch done but I had no reactions so all good there.  It will be great to have long looking darker lashes and will be much easier to apply my mascara.

Well I think with all this I had better book in for the day and take lunch and goodies for the girls, but I am sure I will come out looking and feeling Fabulous Darlings!

Thanks Evolve Medical you are a life saver !

Written by lunatic mother of 3 children under the age of 13, 2 loopy dogs, 2 goldfish and 1 cat.