Introducing Aqualyx

Introducing Aqualix at Evolve Medical.

Aqualyx was developed for the non-surgical reduction of localised fat under the skin. It is an injectable, gel-based aqueous solution, which dissolves fat and is biocompatible and biodegradable.

Aqualyx works by causing the dissolution of fat cells. The body then expels the released fatty acids naturally.

Aqualyx is a compound solution from the deoxycholate family that has been physically modified and, by creating a slow release sugar-based system, the biological half-life is reduced which results in minimal side effects.

Developed by renowned aesthetic surgeon the late Professor Motolese, Aqualyx® has been available internationally since 2009. Over 2,000,000 vials have been used for patient treatments in 49 countries worldwide. Professor Motolose developed an injection technique, for the treatment known as ‘Aqualysis ™’ or ‘Aquaplasty™’. A precise protocol is followed. Aqualysis™ or Aquaplasty™ consists of injecting the solution into localised fat deposits in areas. Examples are saddle bags, thighs, stomachs, chins and knees. Aqualyx liquefies the fat cell, destroying it permanently, releasing the lipids that are then eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system.

The treatment should only be performed by a doctor or nurse. Specially designed long flexible cannulas are used. Specialist training is given to every practitioner before they offer Aqualysis.

Typically, two injection spots are required for each area being treated; patients report good tolerance of the treatment. An anaesthetic solution is normally added prior to injection.

The treatment will be repeated between two and eight times depending on the number of small pockets of fat tissue to be reduced. The injections are repeated every three to four weeks.

After each treatment patients can expect some swelling, redness and skin irritation and tenderness in the area treated, which will subside after four to six days.

Contraindications: pregnancy and lactation, liposdystrophy, pathological conditions and for those under 18 years or over 60 years.

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