How Ear Syringing Can Improve Your Hearing

Ear canal blockages are one of the most common medical conditions that can affect your hearing. If ears aren’t regularly cleaned, a build-up of wax can accumulate over time and begin to cause discomfort. Ear syringing can be a fast-acting remedy to relieve this and effectively carry out ear wax removal.

If you’re experiencing pain, discomfort, or a sudden difference in the quality of your hearing, be sure to seek advice from a medical professional who can safely confirm whether ear syringing could be a suitable treatment for you.

How Does Ear Syringing Work?

Ear syringing can also be referred to as ear washing, as the process involves using water to flush out the ear canal. Using a syringe, a practitioner will inject a small volume of warm water into the ear canal to soften and dislodge any wax which has built up over time. As the blockage becomes loose, the water is drained out of the ear along with the excess wax, removing the blockage. 

The procedure is quick and easy, typically lasting approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on the size and density of the blockage. 

Is Ear Syringing Painful? 

Typically, ear syringing is completely painless as it isn’t an invasive procedure. The syringe is only used to insert water into the ear canal, and this shouldn’t normally cause any discomfort. If you’re anxious about the procedure beforehand, you can consult our team and we’ll be able to talk you through the process step by step and alleviate any concerns. If you begin to feel discomfort during the treatment, it can be stopped until you’re happy to proceed. 

What Before & Aftercare Is Required? 

During the week prior to your ear syringing treatment, you’ll need to apply softening drops to your ears which will help soften the wax, making it easier to remove during the procedure. Wax softening drops can be purchased at your local pharmacy without a prescription (depending on the drops). 

To sufficiently soften the wax, you should use 2-3 drops at least twice per day. Doing this will help reduce the chances of any discomfort you may otherwise feel when receiving the treatment.

Upon successful completion of your ear syringe procedure, it’s important to keep the treated ear dry for approximately four to five days. This is to allow time for the natural, protective wax production in your ear canal to slowly begin again without any disturbance.
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