Holiday Season

As holiday season is fast approaching , this weeks blog will be focusing on products and treatments to get you beach ready.

We retail medical grade products which are almost like a treatment in a bottle. Our products are all medical grade which means they are much more potent and effective than anything you can buy over the counter. Firstly here’s a guide to our favourite summer products…

-Neo Strata Foaming body wash and Lotion Plus-

The ultimate dynamic duo. Whilst the wash cleanses the skin and removes layers of dead skin cells, the lotion penetrates into the dermis, hydrating the skin and stimulating cellular renewal. It also dissolves any stubborn areas of dead skin and is great for smoothing areas such as elbows, knees and feet.

-Skin Ceuticals Hydrating B5 serum-

 B5 holds 1000x its own body weight in moisture, it’s a powerful humectant which locks moisture into the skin. This makes it not only perfect for people with combination skin as it hydrates and plumps dehydrated skin without being heavy or oily. Its also a perfect carrier for people with dry skin as it optimises the use of other products such as vitamin C or heavier moisturisers.

Hydrating B5 is a firm Lounge favourite…..We couldn’t live with out it!!

-Heliocare Range-

Most over the counter SPF lotions only protect you from UVB, which is the UV most likely to burn you.

Each product in the Heliocare range provides high level protection against the broad spectrum of UVA and UVB radiation that’s present all year round in daylight, paired with powerful antioxidants to prevent damage to your skin that can result in signs of ageing and permanent damage.

The Heliocare range has products to to suit everyone. Some products act as moisturisers, makeup and BB creams.


-LVL Lashes-

A more natural and comfortable alternative to natural lashes. LVL incorporates eyelash curling to open the eye up and also tinting to make the lashes appear thicker and longer. Results will last 6-8 weeks making them perfect for holidays when you’re in and out of the pool!


Bespoke brows, coloured and shaped to compliment your skin tone and face shape. Using the HD tints and a combination of waxing, plucking and threading we aim to achieve maintenance free brows that look perfect with or without makeup.


-Laser Hair Removal-

We have a medical laser and can achieve amazing results. Reduce hairgrowth by 80-100% within 6 treatments.  No more waxing or shaving needed!

Whilst the results are enjoyed most during the summer months, unfortunately we cant perform laser while the skin is tanned or if you are heading for the sun, so make sure you put this in your diary for next autumn and you too could be hair free for summer 2018!!