Product of the Month

After the hottest summer to date, our skin is feeling the negative effects of the sun exposure. We often think of protecting our skin from UVB on those warm summer days, but damaging UVA, infrared-A and visible light radiation is present every day all year round which is why Heliocare 360 has won the Product of the Month. As summer is drawing to a close, colder days including the harsh and varying weather the UK is accustomed too, penetrate cloud and even glass, damaging skin cells and releasing millions of harmful free radicals deep into your skin causing premature skin ageing, and an increased risk of skin cancer. Heliocare 360 is exactly what you need.

What does Heliocare 360˚ do?
Its revolutionary formulation not only shields the skin’s surface from damage, but also defends the skin from within with the unique and powerful Fernblock FC. Fernblock FC is what makes Heliocare 360˚ so unique. It’s a supercharged, fern-derived anti-oxidant that fights and neutralises harmful free radicals in your skin, defending your key skin cells like collagen and elastin. It’s the result of years of research and is exclusive to Heliocare 360˚ products. This unrivalled anti-oxidant activity is boosted with Vitamins C and E, while the addition of DNA repair enzymes minimise and repair DNA damage within skin cells – yet another cause of premature skin ageing.

Here at Evolve Medical we favour the Heliocare range of sun protection.

Heliocare SPF 50 Gel is an ultra lightweight sunscreen that protects your skin against the ageing effects of the sun. The oil-free formula sinks straight into the skin without leaving a greasy residue or a white cast like other sunscreens. The light to the touch, easy to apply gel makes daily use simple, so you’ll never forget your sunscreen again!

Heliocare Gel Cream SPF50  comes in light tint and dark -is on-oily, easy-apply, light to the touch formulation with a skin-tone enhancer, giving a healthy bronzed look. Ideal for daily use and all skin types, it provides optimum photo ageing protection whilst helping mask uneven areas of skin tone and blemishes.

Heliocare’s SPF 50 Body Spray is an ultra-smooth, easy-applyable spray sunscreen. This light to the touch spray-lotion should be used on exposed, non-facial/décolleté, body areas. Heliocare Spray is suitable for all skin types. Water resistant reapply every 2-3 hours during periods of high sun exposure.

There is also a compact that comes in dark and light which is ideal to carry around for touch up application during the day.