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Genuine Dermaroller

The History of microneedling stretches back in time to when Doctors found that needling problematic scars led to a much improved and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

After a thorough medical consultation, your skin will be cleansed and then a topical anesthetic will be applied.

The cream will be left insitu for approximately 30 minutes. The cream reduces the sensation making the treatment more comfortable.

After the cream will be removed and the Practitioner will begin to roll over your skin. Dependant on the area treatment the session will last about 30 minutes.

Your skin will be very red post treatment, but will return to normal approximately 24 hours later. Dermaroller helps to reduce pore size, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to achieve better skin tone and texture and healthier, younger looking skin.

How does Dermaroller work?

Dermaroller works by promoting the release of growth factors which stimulate the formation of new natural collagen and elastin in the Papillary dermis.

For optimum results a course of three or six treatments are recommended. Treatments are spaced six weeks apart.

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Price List

Single Treatment £175

Three Treatment Course £500

Six Treatment Course £900

Single Treatment
Three Treatment Course
Six Treatment Course