Fancy a nose job?

Fancy a nose job?

Here is a client blog on her experience of our increasingly popular non surgical nose job.

Nose Augmentation.

I have been conscious of having a bump in my nose for as long as I can remember. Even as far back as school days. I’ve toyed with the idea of surgery but the thought of having a general anaesthetic scares me. It seems like such a dramatic thing to do. What if my nose looked totally different afterwards? What if I don’t like the end result? As much as I would love to feel more confident about my nose I’d pretty much talked myself  out of surgery. I’d learned to live with my nose – though I still didn’t like it.

I was already a client at Evolve Medical. I’ve been having lip fillers for a couple of years to plump my lips. on a recent visit to The Lounge I picked up a leaflet about the non surgical nose job. Basically altering the shape of the nose using dermal fillers.

I was really nervous when I first had lip filler but Rachel the nurse was great. She encouraged me to build up the treatment slowly to achieve the best look. I love my lips now, the results are fab.

I enquired about the nose job. It involves injecting filler into the nose to even out and shape it. I was so excited so I booked a consultation with Fiona the nurse who does this treatment. I was a little nervous about seeing a different nurse but was very reassured to find out that Fiona is incredibly experienced and has also taught aesthetics too.

During the consultation Fiona asked me what my concerns were with my nose. She showed me where she could put the filler to straighten my nose. She explained the product contains hyaluronic acid which is something that occurs naturally in our skin. It is crosslinked to give it a thicker consistency. Local anaesthetic is applied before the treatment and the filler also contains local anaesthetic to make the treatment more comfortable.

The filler was injected and I barely felt it. The procedure was done in less that 15 minutes.

The best bit was when Fiona handed me the mirror to see the results. I was so happy I wanted to cry! All those years of worrying and it was solved in 15 minutes.

I’m so grateful to the team at Evolve Medical. Don’t waste time worrying about these things. Get booked in!!