Facial Thread Veins.

Facial thread veins are tiny broken capillaries that appear as unsightly red/purple marks on the face. The tiny veins break and are visible at the skins surface.


Facial thread veins have many causes, from overuse of abrasive scrubs, exposure to extremes of weather and temperatures, rosacea and they can be hereditary.

They commonly appear as small patches around the corner of the nose. They sometimes may cover larger areas on the cheeks or chin.

The most popular treatment for broken capillaries is with our medical laser which works on a precise wavelength that heats up the tiny capillaries. They go sticky and collapse in on themselves, cutting off their blood supply. The blood coagulates and then disperses over the course of 3-4 days. It feels a little hot while the treatment is being carried out but any discomfort is very short lived. Even a major treatment only takes around 20-30 minutes.

Recovery time is minimal as most facial thread veins disappear whilst the treatment is being carried out. Some veins may appear darker or a few days as the blood coagulates, they will usually disperse within 3-4 days.


Initially we carry out a small test patch to check for a favourable reaction. The first full treatment is usually carried out 1 week later.

In some cases the facial thread veins can be cleared up with one treatment. Others may require two or sometimes three treatments.


It is important to note that we cannot use our laser if skin is tanned as there is a risk of damage to your pigment. This means winter is the best time of year to have this treatment. It is important to keep out of the sun for a few weeks following treatment too.  We recommend using Heliocare Factor 50 sunblock at all times.


For people who have naturally olive skin or have lots of sun bathing holidays, we have Cryotherapy. This is a treatment that cuts off the blood supply by cooling the skin whilst causing no risk of pigment damage. Cryopen blog coming soon.


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