Facial Thread Vein FactFile

What are Facial Thread Veins? 

We get asked this question frequently at Evolve Medical. They can be the cause of embarrassment for many people as they appear as blushing. They can prove difficult to cover with makeup and can make an otherwise clear complexion look ruddy and uneven.  Facial thread veins are a very common problem which can be caused or aggravated by a number of things. 

If you feel self-conscious about facial thread veins, then laser treatment may be the answer. Facial spider/thread veins are tiny damaged blood vessels and are very common. They usually appear around the nose but can spread up on to the cheeks. They are not usually painful, but they can be embarrassing. Commonly caused by acne, rosacea, genetics, too much alcohol, excess sun exposure and aging.  


  • If you have had significant sun damage over the years, this can damage the tiny capillaries on the skins surface. 
  • If you consume alcohol regularly it causes blood vessels to widen and increases blood flow to the skin which then results in facial thread veins. 
  • If you work outdoors or in extremes of temperature this can compromise your natural defence and cause capillaries to rupture. 


Rosacea is a condition which causes angry flushing of the skin usually on the cheeks and nose. This usually leads to broken capillaries. 

How can Facial Thread Vein be treated? 

Luckily there are some really effective treatments for all of the above. We tackle the problem with a combination of laser treatment to treat the current thread veins and medical grade products and high factor sunblock to prevent further damage. 

Laser treatment works wonders on facial thread veins. We have a class 4 medical grade laser which heats the blood vessels, causing them to collapse and cut off the blood supply. Sometimes the veins disappear instantly, sometimes it takes a few days for them to disperse. 

Using the latest laser technology, we can remove and restore your confidence. This is the most popular treatment for broken capillaries as it works on a precise wavelength that heats up the tiny capillaries. They go sticky and collapse in on themselves, cutting off their blood supply. The blood coagulates and then disperses over the course of 3-4 days. It feels a little hot while the treatment is being carried out but any discomfort is very short lived. Even a major treatment only takes around 20-30 minutes. 

We can treat any area but the most common areas tend to be the cheeks, corner of the nose and chin. A slight heating sensation is experienced but subsides as soon as treatment is finished. If 

a large area is treated it can feel a little like sunburn for a few hours. We apply lots of Aloe Vera gel which cools the skin down nicely. 

Recovery time is minimal as most facial thread veins disappear whilst the treatment is being carried out. Some veins may appear darker or a few days as the blood coagulates, they will usually disperse within 3-4 days. 

How many treatments will I need? 

We recommend 1-4 treatments taken 6-8 weeks apart, this gives the blood vessel time to be absorbed. Your first treatment will take place 4 weeks after your test patch. 


After treatment the treated area will appear red and warm to touch, some slight swelling may also occur, we will advised you to wear SPF factor 50. 

We offer a free consultation with our therapist to assess your needs. 

It is important to note that we cannot use our laser if skin is tanned as there is a risk of damage to your pigment. This means winter is the best time of year to have this treatment. It is important to keep out of the sun for a few weeks following treatment too.  We recommend using Heliocare Factor 50 sunblock at all times.