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A facial filler blog penned by one of our clients:

After looking in the mirror and yet again not liking what is looking back at me I decided to approach my local aesthetic clinic. Evolve Medical made me an appointment for a consultation to help me to decide what I could do to improve my appearance. I wasn’t sure whether I would need facial filler or another treatment.

I’ve not looked after my skin in the past. I have been in the sun without wearing any sun protection and have even used oil as a tan enhancer whilst sunbathing.  Shocking I know but we all used to do it!

I have friends who go to Evolve Medical for Botox and Filler treatments. They are extremely happy with their results. I wanted to know if there would be something that would help my saggy wrinkly skin to make me look and feel fresher and younger.

I booked a consultation when my friend was going for her treatment. Because I had been referred by my friend I also got a voucher for £20 off any treatment taken- that was an unexpected bonus.

My visit.

When I arrived at Evolve Medical I was given a cup of tea to drink whilst filling out a medical questionnaire regarding my medical history. Then I was introduced to Rachel who took me into a consulting room.

Rachel went through my medical history in detail. She asked what it was about my appearance that I was not happy about.  I explained I did not like the deep wrinkles and saggy skin around the jowl area.

Rachel explained that as we age our skin loses hyaluronic acid It starts to become dry and volume decreases causing wrinkles and folds to appear.  Gravity also plays a part in the aging process and pulls the skin down resulting in sagging and folds.

The range of fillers recommended were the Juvederm range, which are hyaluronic acid facial fillers that are naturally occurring. The fillers are injected under the skin using an ultra fine needle.  The gel fills lines and wrinkles and adds subtle volume.  The results can last up to 18 months depending on the product used.  The treatment was made more comfortable by the fact that the fillers also contain an anaesthetic to numb any pain. 

We decided that I would have Juvederm Voluma ,which will subtly reshape my cheeks to make them higher and fuller, creating a more youthful result which could last up to 18 months.


I sat with numbing cream on whilst having another cup of tea and then the treatment began.  I was surprised just how little pain there was as Rachel injected into my cheek area. Rachel showed me in the mirror where exactly she had injected. I immediately could see a difference even though I was a little red and blotchy.

Rachel had said to wait 2-4 weeks to see the best results when any bruising or swelling have gone down.  It is now 6 weeks post treatment and I can truly say I look a lot fresher. My cheeks are definitely more lifted and smooth making my saggy bits smoother. 

Great stuff! Thank you Evolve Medical.


I am now waiting for an appointment to tackle my lack of skin care and to improve the texture of my skin.