Do you suffer with ingrown hairs or shaving rash?

Ingrown hairs are a huge problem for many of us. Its a problem which can be triggered by many factors such as waxing, shaving, dry skin or it can be hereditary.

They usually appear as red, raised pimples which can easily be prevented by using a Glycolic Acid wash or cream to soften the skin, allowing the hair to break through the dry skin thus preventing ingrown hairs. In some cases the hair can become trapped under the skin and the hair follicle becomes infected, which can cause discomfort and look unsightly. These painful cysts don’t usually clear up until the trapped hair has been removed.

I have treated lots of ladies over the years who have totally given up on any form of hair removal for fear of aggravating ingrown hairs. Most people are quite embarrassed when they first attend the clinic as the area appears spotty and unsightly. We quickly reassure them that it is a very common problem which affects most of us at some point.

Its not only the ladies who have issues with sensitive skin. We also treat lots of men who suffer with shaving rash, spots and ingrown hairs.

Our initial advice for anybody having hair related issues is to have a course of laser hair removal to stop the hair growth, therefore eliminating the need for painful and ongoing treatments such as waxing and shaving. After just one laser treatment the hair growth is dramatically reduced and the skin begins to heal.

There is commonly some minor scarring which can easily treated with medical grade Glycolic products which will resurface the skin leaving it soft, flawless and blemish free.

We can treat any body area with laser making it an ideal solution for ingrown hairs. Bikini lines, under arms and intimate areas respond particularly well. The latest beard grooming trend also responds very well to laser. Cheekbones and necks are left soft and smooth, again eliminating the need for shaving.