Diary of a PCA Retinol Skin Peel Treatment

The winter is the perfect time to book in for a skin peel, the weather maybe harsher but one of the keys to a successful recovery is to limit sun exposure. Your skin will be vulnerable once a chemical peel takes effect, so limiting sun exposure is critical.

During the winter, your skin is covered up most of the time anyway, so you won’t have to worry as much about that aspect. Plus, hyperpigmentation and other skin issues can be more easily resolved when sun exposure is minimised.

Our beauty therapist Laura her at Advance Skin Lounge tested out our treatment the PCA Retinol Peel and kept a journey of her peel!

Day 1

The PCA peel took about 20 minutes, to complete. Laura described her face as feeling quite greasy and shiny after a few hours, having to blot her face before bed.

Day 2

Skin felt very soft, no discomfort or redness on the face, Laura described her face as being slightly itchy, applied hydrator and Heliocare SPF 50 as her skin had a healthy nice glow and felt that she only needed to use minimal make up.

Day 3

Laura wrote:

Skin was a little pink today and still slightly itchy, it began to go a bit flaky around my nose and corners of my mouth. Kept make up free and applied moisturiser and Heliocare SPF 50.

Day 4

Laura wrote:

Skin really started to peel today from the corners of nose peeled out toward cheeks and jawline. Felt quite itchy and slightly and slightly stingy around my nose. This was the worst day for peeling. Another makeup free day.

Day 5

Peeling was slightly less today and was more noticeable on my forehead and nose. Really started to notice how good my ‘new skin’ was looking under the peel. Wore a little make up for work.

Day 6

Had some dry areas such as forehead and around my nose. Have just started using Skinceuticals HA intensifier which is really helping with the dryness.

Day 7

I am now feeling back to normal, maybe a little dry continued applying Hyaluronic acid serum. Noticed a few blocked pores coming to surface but easily brushing away.

Week 2

I noticed a few little pimples around my jawline and cheeks but saw this as a good thing a impurities we’re leaving my skin. Skin feels very soft and clear.

For more information on this treatment click the link below:

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