Dermaplaning – Myths Debunked

Over the last few years Dermaplaning has been one of the most popular treatments within the Beauty industry. Within this blog post we’re going to speak about the common myths surrounding the treatment,

What is Dermaplaning?

A surgical scalpel blade is used on the face as a method of gentle exfoliation, the scalpel is gently used to scrape off the top layer of skin. The top layer of skin can collect dirt, pollution and dead skin and can often cause your skin to appear dull.


  1. Will my facial hair grow back darker? This myth exists mostly because women with darker complexions have darker Vellus Hair also known as peach fuzz and most of the time, they won’t notice it because they’ve never removed their facial hair before. After the hair grows back, it seems like it is darker, but that is often not the case. It’s simply that after Dermaplaning, because you are removing the dead layer of skin and vellus hair, your skin will appear much brighter than you’ve experienced in the past, and then after the regrowth, it may seem darker.
  2. How safe is it? Dermaplaning is very safe and effective meaning that the treatment is used to exfoliate the epidermis as well as removing unwanted vellus hair. The process takes about 30 minutes and leaves the skin soft and smooth with few to no adverse effects. A sterile disposable blade is used for each patient by a trained, certified provider.
  3. I can find Dermaplaning cheaper elsewhere. I know I wouldn’t cut corners when it comes to my body and skin. Getting the treatment done cheaper, can often mean you compromise on your treatment. Here at Advanced skin Lounge all our Beauty therapist are trained with the highest quality brands, and only use and recommend products we ourselves would use.
  4. Will Dermaplaning cause breakouts. Quite the opposite. A build up of dead skin can clog your pores and hair follicles, which can not only cause pimples but also block your skincare products from penetrating the skin, which is why exfoliation is essential for maintaining an even, healthy glow.
  5. Will my facial hair grow back thicker? This is one most frequent myths we hear! Dermaplaning cuts the facial hair off at the surface level, your hair grows back with a blunt edge so may feel thicker while its growing back, however once grown back your hair will be the same thickness as before your treatment.

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