What is CACI ?

CACI stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument. It is a system that stimulates the 30 muscles in your face, targeting the ones that ones that tend to lose tone with age, through a series of electrical pulses.

The treatment was used by Dr Thomas Wing USA and was often used in sports to heal muscle tissue. The treatment was brought to the UK in 1982 and has since been developed into a beauty treatment to help prevent ageing, without the need for surgery!    

Our trained and skilled technicians will make you feel at complete ease, and during the treatment they will enhance the manipulation of your muscles by training them with the prongs, like a magic wand.

CACI can be used as an alternative for fillers and Botox for clients who would like to avoid needles, but it can also be used alongside these treatments to really enhance each treatment and they go hand in hand with each other!

In order to gain the same results as surgery (minus the pain or complications) we recommend that you have 10 sessions to get the most out of your treatment. Individual session prices begin from just £25, so not only do you avoid the pain that comes with surgery but also the price tag!

Is CACI just for women? No of course not! Here at Evolve Medical there are growing numbers of men taking care in their appearance, who want to hold on to their youth too and CACI is a perfect way to keep yourself looking as young as you feel. Many of us juggle working and playing hard, it is no surprise that life’s stresses can make us feel our age.