CACI treatments are the ultimate non-surgical face lift to really turn back the clock, with unbelievable results!

CACI stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument. Basically, it is a system that stimulates the 30 muscles in your face, targeting the ones that ones that tend to lose tone with age, through a series of electrical pulses. Our trained and skilled technicians will make you feel at complete ease, and during the treatment the therapist will enhance the manipulation of your muscles by training them with the prongs, like a magic wand.

The treatment can be used as an alternative for fillers and Botox for clients who would like to avoid needles, but it can also be used alongside these treatments to really enhance each treatment and they go hand in hand with eachother! The treatment was used by Dr Thomas Wing USA and was often used in sports to heal muscle tissue. The treatment was brought to the UK in 1982 and has since been developed into a beauty treatment to help prevent ageing, without the need for surgery!

In order to gain the same results as surgery (minus the pain or complications) we recommend that you have 10 sessions to get the most out of your treatment. Individual session prices begin from just £25, so not only do you avoid the pain that comes with surgery but also the price tag!

Is CACI just for women? No of course not! There are growing numbers of men taking care in their appearance, from a range of ages. Men want to hold on to their youth too, and CACI is a perfect way to keep yourself looking as young as you feel. Life takes it’s on both men and women. Many of us juggle working and playing hard, it is no surprise that life’s stresses can make us feel our age. As if this treatment wasn’t already incredible with its magic age defying powers, it can will also encourage the healing and repair of some skin conditions.

Acne scarring

Acne is extremely common in both males and females of all ages, and isn’t always an issue in just your teen years unlike stereotypes would have you believe. Even once you have treated the acne it unfortunately often leaves scars. The last thing you want to worry about after managing to overcome acne is the scars that it leaves. CACI has the power to minimize the visibility of these, making you feel fabulous in the skin you’re in! If you are suffering from acne, do not fear. Try our 30 day Skinade course, the multi-award winning anti-ageing collagen drink.

Sun damage

The sun is one of the key causes of premature ageing, and we are all guilty of not always wearing the right protection in order to get that desired golden glow. Of course this comes at a price, and that is on our skin! This is particularly relevant in the summer months, where we advise you take extra precaution to avoid sun damage. You might be thinking that we aren’t blessed with the best weather in the UK, even in summer. However, UV rays can still damage your skin even through cloudy skies. The science behind ageing caused by the sun is due to UV rays penetrating deep into the skin to the middle layer, the dermis. The elastic tissues which keep skin stretchy, and youthful, are contained in the dermis. CACI has the power to help heal the damage caused by the sun, and turn back the clock for your skin.

Dry dehydrated skin

Not everyone realises that dehydration is one of the main causes of wrinkles. Regardless of whether you drink 8 glasses of water a day and keep moisturised, some people are unfortunately prone to dry skin. CACI offers a great solution for this common problem. Not only will you be able to feel more comfortable day to day without irritating dry skin, but with the help of CACI you will be looking more youthful than ever. CACI truly lets you have the best of both worlds!

As you can see there are many benefits to this fantastic treatment, helping men and women combat a number of problems affecting them every day. Here at Evolve Medical UK we are passionate about providing treatments where we can watch our clients get their confidence back and enhance their natural beauty. We pride ourselves of offering state of the art treatments to have you feeling your best.

Have you tried the CACI treatment before? Are you suffering from any of the issues mentioned in this week’s blog? Would you consider the CACI treatment? We would love to hear your thoughts!

Lot of love,

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