CACI Treatments Factfile

What is CACI?

CACI stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument. It works by targeting and stimulating the 30 muscles in your face, which overtime lose tone. This is done through a series of electrical currents in which re-educate and lift the muscles back to their original position. The micro current within the CACI also works on improving the skin tissue and will encourage healing and repair of some skin conditions such as Acne Scarring, Sun Damage, dry dehydrated skin and stretch marks.   

Our trained and skilled technicians will make you feel at complete ease, and during the treatment they will enhance the manipulation of your muscles by training them with the prongs, like a magic wand.  

The treatment was originally used by Dr Thomas Wing USA, the pioneer for micro current therapy, which was first used to treat sufferers of stroke and Bell’s Palsy. It was brought to the UK in 1982, where it has been widely used in the sports field to repair and rehabilitate muscle tissue.   

CACI is a well researched piece of technology and is renowned for its outstanding results. It has been documented in books and Daily Mail covered an article mentioning this treatment.    

What are the advantages of using micro-current?  

  • Increases Adenosine Tri Phosphate by up to 500% (cell turnover)  
  • Increases Fibrobastic activity by up to 60% (collagen production) 
  • Increases Protein Synthesis by up to 73% (elastin/skin tightening)  
  • Increases cell permeability by up to 30/40% (cell absorption) 
  • It can also be used around the eye area.  

The treatments include the revolutionary Jowl lift, Lip plump, LED light therapy, Acne treatments and Full CACI facials.  

Is CACI just for women?  

No of course not! At Evolve Medical there are growing numbers of men taking care in their appearance, who want to hold on to their youth too and CACI is a perfect way to keep yourself looking as young as you feel. Many of us juggle working and playing hard, it is no surprise that life’s stresses can make us feel our age. 

What will happen at my appointment?  

You will be asked to complete a thorough medical questionnaire and sign a consent form. A full medical consultation will be carried out and our highly experienced nurses will discuss the treatment options which are best suited to you. Your treatment will then be carried out by our highly experienced nurse. The CACI treatments can be used as an alternative to Botox and Filler treatments, it can also be used to compliment your injection treatments.

How long does a treatment last for? 

In order to gain the same results as surgery, we recommend that you have 10 sessions to get the most out of your treatment however the treatment can be taken as a single procedure for a special occasion.  

A monthly booster treatment is required to maintain results.  

CACI can be used as an alternative for fillers and Botox for those clients that want to avoid needles, but it also goes hand in hand with these treatments, enhancing the results even further! 

Here at Evolve Medical UK, we are passionate about providing treatments where we can watch our clients get their confidence back and enhance their natural beauty. We pride ourselves of offering state of the art treatments to have you feeling your very best.   

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