Autumn is the perfect time for Laser Hair Removal.

During the summer months we turn lots of people tanned people away for laser hair removal treatment as it be unsafe to laser on an active suntan.

Ditch the razor book in for laser!

Autumn is the perfect time to make a start on becoming perfectly smooth for next summer!

Why is Autumn perfect time to start?

During the summer we cant treat skin that is tanned, or due to go into the sun, this is because of the wavelength we use at Evolve Medical. The Wavelength is absorbed by melanin. This type of laser hair treatment is perfect for heating up unwanted hair to destroy it at the root, however if some of the skin is tanned, some of the heat from the laser could be absorbed which could potentially cause a burn.

As a course of laser hair removal is best done as a block treatments at 4 – 6 week intervals(Depending on the individual) making it best to get started with your treatments when you have a good window of sun free months to get rid of the bulk of hair growth.

At Evolve Medical our therapists have many years of experience doing laser hair removal and after working with some of the most advanced IPL and Siode lasers in the Industry we have stuck with Cyncourse Alexandrite. Its a very powerful yet safe Class 4, medical grade laser which can be used on any skin type.

We can treat any facial or body area for men or women.

To encourage people to start at the right time of year we are offering:

Full leg £80 a session, Lower Leg £60 a session – £10 Test patch. (Saving a huge £110 per session)

Under Arm and Fill Bikini £50 a session (Usually £150 per session * £10 Test patch)